2019 AMP Up! Charlotte Graduates


In partnership with the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the AMP Up! Charlotte 2019 cohort comes to a close Tuesday, October 29, with thirteen graduates ready to propel their business forward with the lessons learned in the 7-month program.

From business development and mentoring services to targeted training, the graduates obtained vital information from the award-winning StreetWise ‘MBA’™ curriculum created by Interise to help small businesses obtain contracting opportunities with the CLT Airport and other large corporations, government agencies and organizations.

Without further ado, meet the graduating class of AMP Up!  Charlotte ’19, and learn what the program meant to the graduates:


Alana Weaver Bennett  | Party in A Tent Charlotte | Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
AMP Up has challenged us to evaluate every aspect of our business and determine what is needed to improve and grow. Both owners now think strategically about the future of our company and are developing a robust plan to ensure our company has a future. We now use historical and predictive data instead of emotions to drive decisions, and we owe this dynamic change to the AMP Up Program.


Christina Jarrett | Restore Healthcare Medical GroupFacebook, LinkedIn
I was looking for a program to help me become a successful entrepreneur and business owner. I needed to surround myself with like-minded peers who would challenge me, push me, and brainstorm with me. No great business owner ever succeeded without continual learning, feedback, and support. The AMP Up program did that for me. The AMP Up model is collaborative, offering efficient decision-making and learning environment that enables inclusiveness that empowers all business owners to reach their goals.


Consuela Hall  | Motus Logistics  | Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
How many times has someone advised you to dream big? To think outside the box, break from the status quo, go against the grain? The problem is, giving advice is one thing. Acting on it is another. The AMP Up program through Interise provides a peer-learning method to share business knowledge, management know-how, and network necessary to scale. Joining this program not only challenges you to dream big but propels you to achieve even bigger…opening a world of limitless possibilities.


Dan Hernandez | JDH Structural Engineers, PLLC  | Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram 
AMP Up has greatly expanded my knowledge of business and has, therefore, helped me, as an owner, to make decisions with both clarity and confidence.




Darmel Lee | Global Team Electric, LLC | Instagram, Twitter 
It’s great to be a part of AMP Up because I get an opportunity to build a bond with our instructor, representatives of the City of Charlotte, and my peers who all are avid contributors to our community and respective business sector. It’s great to learn techniques that will help me to achieve my goals in business while learning about other people’s struggles & successes. I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to participate in this program.


Div Bhingradia | Fastsigns Mooresville – Lake NormanFacebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter
AMP Up has provided a wealth of knowledge and a road map to success!





Khalid Davis | Khalid Davis Electric
AMP Up enabled me to think about my business holistically. Being a contractor and coming from a trade background, you tend to concentrate on the technical side of the business. AMP Up provided me the tools to analyze and grow my company financially and to understand the role of strategic planning and marketing play in my ability to get and retain customers. 


Maria Camacho | CS Plumbing 
Being part of the AMP program has been an honor and a privilege. The knowledge they provided each class, plus the experience of having my company is an achievement in life. I feel more confident as an owner of CS Plumbing Inc. and plan to apply all that I have learned to watch my company grow and surpass goals set over the next three years. 


Nia McAdoo | Amped Events Facebook, Instagram 
Being a part of the 2019 cohort has given me the tools and business knowledge to strategically scale my business. The access to industry experts paired with the Interise curriculum gave me specific action steps that I’ve already started to implement. After completing the AMP Up program, I am more confident, motivated, and taking steps daily towards my growth plan, which has helped me map my business out over the next 2-3 years. The glass ceiling is starting to shatter piece-by-piece.


Roland Udenze | Renz Collaborative | Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
I now have a dashboard that will navigate the growth of Renz Collaborative over the next 36-months, understanding what to do at every milestone, which is amazing! I can’t wait for when the compass says we can start hiring the next generation to teach them the beauty and satisfaction of being in the architecture and construction business. 


Tracei D. Ball MD  |  OnCall Mobile Medical and Wellness  | Facebook, Twitter
Being a part of AMP Up means I have an opportunity to acquire the wisdom, strategies, and knowledge to grow my business to a self-sustaining level. It means I have an opportunity to be coached and advised by industry experts and consultants that I otherwise may not have been able to invest in at this time. It means receiving the peer support that I think all business owners need and learning to not only network together but collectively learn from one another’s successes and failures.


Reena Powers  | S&B Computers & Office Products
Being part of AMP Up meant learning, connections, and new relationships/friendships. AMP us has given me the time to take a step back from the day to day operations of the business to put together a strategic growth plan. I’ve learned so many new tips in different areas – financials, marketing, human resources that will help us in our growth. The connections and relationships built within the program are invaluable!  


Yolanda Holliday | Event Excellence, LLC   
The AMP Up program has been AMAZING! Upon entering the program, I lacked clarity on how to implement the vision I had for my business. The structure of the program guided me through each area of my business I needed to focus on and allowed me to reflect, grow, and begin to implement the needed changes to align my business with my big vision. The three-year growth plan has become my company’s bible. I review it with my entire team quarterly to make sure we are staying the course.


The City of Charlotte’s AMP Up! Charlotte program prepares minority business entrepreneurs for growth and expansion through business development services, mentoring, targeting training, and access to large corporations for contract and procurement opportunities.

To learn more about AMP Up! Charlotte and their upcoming 2020 cohort, click here for the latest information.

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