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21five Creative is a brand strategy and digital marketing agency that helps brands develop their identity and competitively market their vision to the world.

Charlotte entrepreneur Kevin Pleasants, Jr., owner & Creative of 21Five Creative shares business experiences with CBR

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?

SCORE Charlotte has been one of the greatest influencers and “guiding lights” for 21five. Julie, my SCORE Mentor, has been a resource of knowledge and wisdom for me. I attribute much of our success to her help. I believe that through SCORE, I’ve been able to shift from simply being successful, to being of value, which was a personal goal of mine.

The marketing world can be pretty competitive. What made you want to start your own agency?

Initially, it was the competitiveness. I personally found it difficult to move up in a world seemingly saturated with other multi-talented, multi-skilled creatives. I wondered if there were others who faced the same issue. It was at this moment, driving to Savannah, GA with my wife for our wedding anniversary trip, that I felt compelled to start something that gave other creatives an opportunity to exercise their skills and talents in a professional environment. I believe that sometimes, the opportunities we look for are already in our own possession.

What does 21Five stand for?

“21five” (or 21:5) came from one of my favorite Bible verses: Revelation 21:5. The premise is that everything is made new. Our goal at 21five Creative is to help our clients better connect with their customers through fresh branding and digital marketing initiatives.

What habits do you have that contribute to being a successful business owner?

There are three things I do that I believe has to lead to our success:

  1. I habitually challenge ideas to bring out the greatness of each client’s vision.
  2. I continually learn new things daily (not just in marketing or design) to broaden my mental scope. I think this makes for a better dynamic when developing a marketing strategy for our clients.
  3. I keep things personable with our clients (because we have enough Google/Alexa/Siri-like businesses in the world already).
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