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In today’s highly competitive global economy, how others perceive you is critical to the bottom-line success of your company or organization. CapturedbyKevin has the unique ability to create content that is clear, consistent, and dynamic. We want to assist you in telling your story. The option of doing nothing is no longer an option!

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?

  • Carolinas-Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council (My MBE certifying organization): I have been working for CVMSDC for over six years, and this organization has been instrumental in helping me develop corporate relationships.
  • The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are responsible for assisting me in developing a relationship with the NBA and acquiring contracts with the city and county.
  • Wells Fargo, Novant Health, Urban League, and the United Negro College Fund have been great. By providing services to these organizations, I have raised the profile and awareness of my firm and my capabilities.


What has been the biggest lesson learned during your entrepreneurial journey, and how have you used that to grow your business?

That growth and scalability are necessary to advance in the corporate sector. Patience and persistence were key factors in helping me along the way, but this is a continuing process.

What networking methods have you used to get connected with some of your biggest clients?

I network inside the corporate functions I have an honor of alongside. There is always an opportunity to acquire or engage a future client by providing outstanding customer service to the customers you currently have as others are always watching your performance, and referrals are also key.


As an event photographer, how do you deal with the pressure to capture every notable moment? How do you set expectations with your clients?

Preparation is key! When you are prepared, you are ready for any scenario, and then you just have to perform. I demand excellence from myself, so my clients are used to the high level and quick turnaround times I provide. I have high expectations of myself so that my client is never disappointed.

What advice would you give young photographers who dream of making it their living one day?

Take your craft seriously! This can be a rewarding career that can connect you with some very influential people. They expect excellence from you. Anything short of that and you are cheating them and yourself of being the very best you can be.

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