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My name is William Wilson. I am a private custom clothier that specializes in business apparel for both men and women. I am based out of Charlotte, NC but I have clients in 14 countries on 3 different continents. Though my clients consist of celebrities, politicians and professional athletes, my target market has always been local businesspeople. I am the official clothier for the Speedway Club at Charlotte Motor Speedway and designed the jackets for the winners of the Coca-Cola 600, The All-Star Race, and the Bank of America 500.

My average suit prices range from $685 to $2500, and I have an ultra-exclusive collection that is priced in the mid five-figure range. All of my garments are handmade, with each suit taking over 70 man hours to make and each shirt taking 15.

I operate by appointment only, to provide the kind of personal service and respect our clients deserve when purchasing such a high-quality garment. I would love the opportunity to serve your custom clothing needs.

Charlotte interview with William Wilson, CEO of Custom Clothier in Charlotte, NC shares his business experiences with us

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?

I have used a number of resources over the course of the years; including fellow business owners, friends, clients. I have also found CharlotteBusinessResources.com to be a helpful resource for networking and branding ideas and opportunities.

How did you go from Navy veteran to clothing designer? Have you always had a passion for design?

I NEVER had a passion for design. In fact, I have never taken a design course. I owned a construction company and used to wear a lot of suits. One day one of the homeowners asked me to help him with his wardrobe. I did, and he started referring me to his friends. I eventually started charging them. Then I thought to myself, “I’m telling these guys what to buy. If I can provide them for them, there may be a business in this.” So, I did some research, put a plan together, and took a chance. Fortunately, it worked!

William Wilson gets CharlotteBusinessResources.com to be a helpful business resource for networking and branding ideas and growing opportunities in Charlotte

You have some very high-profile clients including celebrities and the Charlotte Motor Speedway. How were you able to make such amazing connections?

Hard work, long hours, little rest, and a LOT of events. Basically, sweat equity. Once I started the business, I knew I needed two things: credibility and a client list. And, I needed both to have either. So I used the resources of people I already knew like AL Wallace, Mike Minter, and Mike Rucker (former Panther players) as a foundation. Then began to add to my network, one piece at a time. As I grew more as a brand, I gained more credibility. And earning the trust of high profile people and organizations became easier. Eventually, they began seeking me out. But it’s important to continue following the process. Even after you start gaining traction.

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What is the best business advice you’ve ever received, and who did it come from?

The best advice I ever received came from Mike Rucker. We were having lunch at Panera Bread in Concord when I was still in the planning stage of WWC. I had, what seemed like a MILLION ideas and things I wanted to do.

He told me to slow down and focus on one thing. Get known for doing that one thing really well, and the other opportunities would present themselves at the right time and place. I now find myself giving that same advice to others. It’s definitely the best advice I’ve received and given. Because entrepreneurs tend to be creatives and creatives are ALWAYS trying to figure out a new way to do something. We are often impatient. That advice helped teach me to trust the process.

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