#31DaysofBiz, Day 21: Nicholant Enterprises

We’re celebrating Small Business Month by featuring 31 local entrepreneurs! Today, we want to introduce you to Sonja Nichols, the President and CEO of Nicholant Enterprises, LLC.

CBR's meeting with Sonja Nichols, the President and CEO of Nicholant Enterprises, LLC

Nicholant Enterprises provides expert contract security and executive protection services to clients across the greater Charlotte area. Having served their country with honor, each of their highly trained and experienced security specialists are United States Military veterans committed to protecting their clients.

Keep reading to learn more about Sonja. Thank you for celebrating Small Business Month with us!

CBRbiz.com: How has the Charlotte Chamber helped you start or develop your business?

Sonja P. Nichols: The Charlotte Chamber has been very helpful with providing information, resources, and introductions to businesses whenever I ask. Keva Walton and Rod Garvin are always available to answer any and all of my questions. The Charlotte Chamber has also offered many workshops and conferences that feature resources.

CBR's 31DaysofBiz, interview with Nicholant Enterprises
CBRbiz.com: What are three things that you can’t live without?

Sonja P. Nichols: I cannot live without:

  1. God almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, plus my bible
  2. Richard L. Nichols Jr., the absolute best husband in all the world
  3. Excellent food (I am so happy Charlotte is becoming such a foodie town!)

Sonja Nichols of Nicholant Enterprises, LLC, shares Entrepreneurial experiences with CBR
CBRbiz.com: What’s your personal mantra?

Sonja P. Nichols: You are fabulous! God already told you just how special you are to Him. Do not wait for people to validate you! You validate and encourage yourself.

You are unique and special exactly the way God made you. We are all part of One Body, and the Body is made up of many different parts. We are not supposed to all be the same. We are supposed to be unique and different.

CBR proudly introduces Nicholant Enterprises as best of 31 local entrepreneurs for Day 21
CBRbiz.com: What has been the most unexpected part about being an entrepreneur in Charlotte?

Sonja P. Nichols: Just how extremely hard it is. I have received so much positive feedback and accolades about starting a business that would support Military Veterans with jobs that offered living wages and benefits, especially since we keep hearing our politicians and business leaders state that our Vets are important and living wages are important. Unfortunately, the current market does not bear this out. Starting a new business from the ground up is extremely hard. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

To learn more about Sonja Nichols and Nicholant Enterprises, LLC, visit them on online. Take a moment to learn how the Charlotte Chamber can help you grow your business. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram every day in May to celebrate Small Business Month all month long!

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