#31DaysofBiz, Day 22: Tie-My-Knot

Today’s #31daysofbiz featured entrepreneur has been featured on CharlotteBusinessResources.com once before.

Meet Lerone Langston, the founder of Tie-My-Knot, a business that allows customers to rent, purchase and customize bow ties to meet their current wardrobe and individual taste. And the best part? All bow ties are handcrafted in Charlotte, with fabrics handpicked locally.

CBRbiz.com: Tell us something that others wouldn’t know about you.

Lerone Langston: Others don’t know we hire college students! As our company continues to grow, we are always looking for fresh ideas and creative minds in the industry. We have hired great students to fill our needs. Assisting in the creation of our bow ties is Karla Rodriguez, a student from Art Institute of Charlotte. Her passion for fashion is second to none! Our social media presence is spearheaded by Evan Moore of University of North Carolina of Charlotte. Evan places our social media footprint all over the internet with creative sayings and colorful descriptions, combining fashion and fun. These include our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which is posted in four languages: Arabic, English, Vietnamese and French.

CBR's 31DaysofBiz interview with Lerone Langston, the founder of Tie-My-Knot

We are now on the lookout for the next big wedding salesperson! Our wedding division is growing and being in CharlotteBusinessResources.com’s blog has increased our exposure. Backed by being listed on the top of Google search when you look up “custom bow ties in Charlotte”, being a member of Wedding.com and having a display at The Bead Lady in Concord, and it all adds up to success!
CBRbiz.com: What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Lerone Langston: I enjoy the flexibility of being creative and thinking outside the “proverbial” box. Having our upcycled bowties made from pre-owned clothes and military uniforms, as well as our custom bow ties in various designs and styles, fuels the fire of the creative juices which ties the knot of my enjoyment.

Lerone Langston, the founder of Tie-My-Knot shares business experiences with CBR
CBRbiz.com: Describe your morning routine.
Lerone Langston: My morning routine begins at 5:00 am and assisting in my wife’s breakfast routine, watching the news, and then warming her car (every morning), then going to Planet Fitness to workout. Once back home, I fix a good breakfast, and by 8:00 am follow up on emails, review Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and am ready at 9:00 am when the office officially opens.

CBR introduces Featured entrepreneur, Lerone Langston, the founder of Tie-My-Knot who shares entrepreneurial experiences to CBRbiz

To learn more about Lerone Langston and Tie-My-Knot, visit them on onlineBe sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram every day in May to celebrate Small Business Month all month long!

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