#31DaysofBiz, Day 26: Signs ID

Ed Corpe is the President and Founder of Signs ID, and he’s today’s featured entrepreneur. Signs ID is  a business that develops signs for businesses, including building signs, banners, window graphics and more.

signs id charlotte

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An active member in Charlotte’s small business scene, Ed utilizes local resources like CPCC’s Small Business Center, where he has access to training opportunities, skill-specific seminars and more. Keep reading to learn more about Ed Corpe and Signs ID!

CBRbiz.com: If you were to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Ed Corpe: I would have to say I’d start my website and market my company sooner. The marketing process builds momentum before sales are generated…that’s lost time. I’ve experienced some painfully slow periods, when funds were still being spent, but no sales were coming in. That’s a really scary thing.

signs id charlotte

CBRbiz.com: What’s your personal mantra?

Ed Corpe: Just do it. I strongly believe in fail fast and fail often… that also means learn everything you can from each failure. Test everything. Don’t just analyze it to death or talk about it. Do it, try it, sell it…see what happens. Now, go fix it, and do it again, faster and better.

signs id charlotte

CBRbiz.com: What are three things that you can’t live without?

Ed Corpe: I must have my WiFi, computer, and phone. With WCP, I can transact business 24/7, which is what the modern customer wants.

signs id charlotte

To learn more about Ed Corpe and Signs ID, visit them on online, and take a moment to find out how CPCC’s Small Business Center can help your business. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram every day in May to celebrate Small Business Month all month long!

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