#31DaysofBiz, Day 7: TakeHome Delivery

Can you believe we’re already one full week into Small Business Month? And what better way to celebrate than by presenting today’s business spotlight. If you’ve been following along on Facebook or Instagram, you know that every day during May, we’re featuring a local small business owner.

Today’s entrepreneur is Samuel Hanna, the founder of TakeHome Delivery, a mobile waiter service that hand-delivers your favorite foods directly to you! Using his background in science, Samuel has innovated a process to ensure that the highest quality of food is delivered to the customer. TakeHome has served thousands of people by providing timely delivery and leaving customers feeling satisfied with their remote dining experience. TakeHome has been serving Charlotte for over six years and is looking to position itself as a recognizable local delivery service.

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samuel hanna takehome delivery

CBRbiz.com: If you could go back and give yourself a piece of advice when you first started, what would it be?

Samuel Hanna: I would tell myself to go big and that you have what it takes to manage a business. Don’t waste a single minute doubting yourself. You are an entrepreneur.

CBRbiz.com: How has the Charlotte Mecklenburg Black Chamber of Commerce help you start or develop your business?

Samuel Hanna: CMBCC has been a great resource and has provided me with tools to enhance the service components of TakeHome so that the customers of Charlotte have a better experience.

samuel hanna takehome delivery

CBRbiz.com: Tell us something that others wouldn’t know about you.

Samuel Hanna: A lot of people don’t know that I used to work as a microbiologist helping to develop hospital disinfectants.

CBRbiz.com: Describe the most exciting minute of your entrepreneurial journey.

Samuel Hanna: I would have to say the first time we got an order. It was months of work, and a lot of planning to get to that point. When the first order came through it was surreal, and I almost forgot all the steps that I had put into place in regards to dispatching and notifying restaurants.

samuel hanna takehome delivery

To learn more about TakeHome Delivery and Samuel Hanna, visit them online. And find out how the CMBCC can help your business. And be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram every day in May to celebrate Small Business Month all month long!

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