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IT-Henhouse feels grateful to Charlotte Business Resources  and other organizations for the generosity of their time, their tireless efforts and support

Get to Know: IT-HenHouse

We empower organizations to use technology to solve their business problems.

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?

When appropriate, IT-Henhouse has taken advantage of every possible resource organization available. We have received support in the area of funding, certification information, management training and access to bidding opportunities with government and commercial companies like the NBA, as well as a host of educational opportunities, including the Black Enterprise Summit. We are grateful to the Carolina Small Business Development Fund, Charlotte Business Inclusion, Women’s Business Resource Center, The Small Business Development Technology Center, Central Piedmont Small Business Center, The Chamber Community, and of course Charlotte Business Resources for the generosity of their time, their tireless efforts and support.

What has been the biggest lesson learned during your entrepreneurial journey, and how have you used that to grow your business?

The Value of Training is the biggest lesson that I  have learned. I have trained in the following areas: time management, employee management,  decision making, financial planning, and networking. I even retrained on the productivity tools I’ve been using over the past 20-years to help companies solve their business problems.

Recognizing that there is always room for growth and new information on best practices in both personal and business, and development has helped me become a more effective business owner and leader within the community.

What makes IT-HenHouse stand out against other IT companies? What is your team most proud of?

We are people first – technology second. We recognize that people – every employee, customer, and business partner are what makes your company great. We believe wholeheartedly in our ability to use technology software to solve your organization’s business problems, but first, we believe in you.  Our team is most proud of our ability to listen to our clients and empower them to be a part of their solution process.

On top of technical solutions, it looks like IT-HenHouse provides opportunities to get educated on the technology their utilizing. Can you tell our reader a little more about that?

IT-Henhouse Therapy is about sharing interesting and informative content; some will make you laugh, cry, and think. Heaven knows we have done that and more (think expletives). IT-Henhouse Therapy is a part of our commitment to navigating you through the process of managing your business through the complex and sometimes scary world of information technology.  To keep up with our latest uploads, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

What upcoming trends and innovations do you expect to influence small business owners in Charlotte the most? How can they prepare?

There is a trend to spur scalability and growth through business development for small businesses. It is an effort to maintain a healthy,  strong and vibrant small business community as a mechanism for a sustainable economy. It is a good effort to provide companies with the resources and training to move their business to the next level. Businesses can prepare by understanding how they want to be positioned within the business sector and the community at large. Having a holistic approach to the needs that your company can meet, or the problems that your company can solve, as well as how your company impacts Charlotteans, is necessary to develop small businesses for a stronger and sustainable economy.

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