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Did you ever notice how the lights in your office or warehouse are different colors, have a bunch not working, or make the space very hot? LED Source can help you see the light! We can put together a LED solution that improves the aesthetics of your space, reduces heat (and AC bills!), and saves money. As a trade ally with Duke Energy, we’re able to discount qualified lights upfront to reduce your initial investment.

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?
NAWBO has been a great help in connecting me with other organizations such as Charlotte Business Resources to learn about certification and how to do business with the city and other government agencies. I am taking a course now through The Women’s Business Center to help scale my business and move to the next level.

There are many types of franchises available. What made you choose the LED Source franchise?
It is best to choose a business that makes good use of your skillset. My strength is in problem-solving and creating solutions. That fits perfectly with the LED Source business model.








What are the biggest challenges you face as a franchise, and how did you overcome them?
There is a long sales cycle with my business so the biggest challenge was staying afloat while I built my pipeline, not to mention I started my business before LED’s were widely accepted. Perseverance was the key, and being prepared to cover my operating costs while the business grows off the ground helped me to stay in business.

What habits do you have that make you a successful business owner?
I am always looking for opportunities to create solutions that can be then shared with a particular focus channel. In our case, we do a good portion of our business with the apartment industry. By understanding their decision-making process and helping them achieve their goals, we have developed a name as a go-to resource in that industry. We are now working to replicate that model for other focus channels. I am consistent in networking and making sure I show up where my target customers congregate. Before I go into any networking event, I have a clear goal as to what I want to get from that event, whether it is connecting with a particular client or meeting at least two new contacts that can help move my business forward. I am not just there for the chicken! This has helped our business to be driven mainly by referrals.

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