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  • Company Name: LaShandaM3
  • Who we talked with: La Shanda Millner-Murphy, Style & Image Expert
  • Year established: 1986
  • How to Find Them: LaShandaM3.com
  • Socialize: Facebook, Instagram

Get to know LaShandaM3

La Shanda excels in image building. She helps men and women embrace and understand the value of the ABCs: Appearance, Behavior, and Communication. The ABCs are the essentials of managing one’s image and presenting an effective executive presence in order for one to experience stronger personal and career performances, to become more marketable, and gain more visibility in their respective environments and workspaces.

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?
I have experienced personal and business growth from connecting with local, national, and international organizations. The Charlotte Women’s Business Center has been the backbone in strengthening my business goals and vision. Natalie Williams the Executive Director, and Cynthia Neely the Program Associate are committed and passionate about being a part of every step of my success journey. They have provided one-on-one business counseling, given feedback on business documents, and shared networking opportunities and business referrals. The Women’s Business Center was also the reason for my connection to The Woman’s Advantage organization lead by Lori Dvorak, Chapter Chair, and Facilitator. This lifetime organization has created game-changing results for my business including an increase in revenue by 30%. This enlightened my business perspective, and I began setting clearer and measurable goals which have stretched me to think bigger, on a global level. The international organization, eWomen Network, founded by Sandra Yancey and lead by Jerilyn McDonald, Charlotte Chapter Managing Director has also played an inspiration for the growth in her business. This organization has exposed me to like-minded women entrepreneurs all over the world which has lead to collaboration opportunities, leadership responsibilities, and the ability to promote my business in creative settings.










It seems like your business reputation relies a lot on your personal brand. What does it take to build a really good personal brand?
That’s my business message on stage and to my clients….it takes one to be aware, comprehend, and be intentional in the areas of their APPEARANCE, BEHAVIOR, and COMMUNICATION. I have three lifelines that I am conscious of daily: Self Image, Public Image and Style Image. The way we choose to present ourselves affects the way we think, feel, speak, act, and the way others react to what we present. And, it even matters how we dress; it is the non-verbal communication of who we are.









What is the best business advice you ever received, and who did it come from?
Over 35 years, I have been advised by many inspiring business owners through connections, reading books and magazines. So many lessons have been extracted from those sources. But currently, the one that mostly shines in my thoughts is “Understanding your value and the value of your business”. This advice was given by Mary Cantando, founder of The Woman’s Advantage Roundtable. This process of thinking and doing will allow you to stay focused on your time that contributes to the greatest value of your business and learn to pass on other things to those that are experts in their areas.

What habits do you have that contribute to being a successful business owner?
There are three operational areas of your business that requires you to evaluate daily/ weekly in order to witness steps of growth: Finance, Marketing, and Management that all drives back to your business vision. I plan my business week in and around these categories to keep me grounded and focused on my personal and business growth.

Watch now as La Shanda discusses the connection between style, and building impactful relationships!

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