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Charlotte provides sound advice and wisdom for a business startup to the owner of Lawanne’ Grant

Get to Know: Leadership DevelopME, LLC

My name is Lawanne’ Grant, owner of Leadership DevelopME, LLC. Our mission is to positively impact the MINDset of leaders and provide effective strategies for EXECUTION. We do this by offering individual coaching, group coaching, online and onsite training, book publication, and resume writing services. Everyone has a ME and we would love to help develop a strategic plan to accomplish your goals.

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?

Before launching, I visited the Charlotte, NC SCORE office and met with advisor Gary Byrd. He provided sound advice and wisdom for a business startup! Books that have influenced the culture of Leadership DevelopME, LLC are, “The 4-Hour Work-Week” by Timothy Ferriss and “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office: Unconscious Mistakes Women Make that Sabotage their Careers”.

What has been the biggest lesson learned during your entrepreneurial journey, and how have you used that to grow your business?

The biggest lesson learned is that your endeavor doesn’t have to be PERFECT, but it should always be PROFESSIONAL! With this in mind, we deliver professional services with positive outcomes but always pause to evaluate how we can improve the process, or services rendered. As a result, the business continues to grow to meet the demands and request of leaders across the states.

Can you tell our readers a little more about what the “ME” in DevelopME represents?

The “ME” in Leadership DevelopME, represents Mind and Execution.

If the mindset of the leader is not conditioned for the arduous process required to have a successful outcome, the plan becomes mute. We ensure the leader’s MIND is prepared for the journey ahead, and then provide effective strategies for EXECUTION. When a leader connects with our business, we employ Leadership theories and practices to Develop their Mind and Execution as it relates to identified goals. A common permissive statement by our clients seeking assistance is, “Leadership, Develop my Mind and Execution.”

What are some unique challenges your company has faced over the years? How did you overcome them?

I’ve faced three unique challenges since being in business: (1) Identifying the target group, (2) qualified personnel, and (3) training for the trainer.

1. Everyone is a leader, but Leadership DevelopME does not exist for all leaders. We exist for driven leaders who have goals but need a strategy or coach to help accomplish them.

2. As an entrepreneur and owner, I initially felt as though I had to do most of the work. The problem with this approach is the business will never be greater than one individual. Therefore, I intentionally developed strategic partners and allowed myself to have contractual agreements to build a team of qualified professionals that meet the needs of our clients.

3. Even the trainer needs to be trained! Why? Cause you can only offer what you know and you only know what you’re exposed to. I attend at least two conferences per year, and I have a personal business coach of my own.

What mistakes do you often see leaders making in their organizations? How can they do better?

The biggest mistake I’ve seen leaders make is assuming their leadership style is the most effective style for the group or environment in which one leads. When this happens, the leader silently informs everyone to conform to them, rather than adjusting to the needs of the people, organization or environment. Good leaders assess the goal, people, and climate to determine what leadership style is best for the situation. I advise leaders to ask the introspective question, “What is needed of ME in order to give people what they need so organizational goals are met?”

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