#31DaysofBiz | Leaf Burrito

About the Biz

  • Company Name: Leaf Burrito
  • Who we talked with: Marc Mataya – Founder, Owner, and Inventor; Lauri Eberhart – Chief Communications Officer, Founder
  • Year established: 2015
  • How to Find Them: www.leafburrito.com
  • Socialize: FacebookInstagram

Charlotte entrepreneurMarc Mataya, Leaf Burrito won the 2017 Sustain Charlotte Award for Waste Reduction

Get to Know: Leaf Burrito

Leaf Burrito®, a reusable yard debris bag, is designed to help save the planet from detrimental single-use plastic bags. Created by Charlotte entrepreneur Marc Mataya, Leaf Burrito® won the 2017 Sustain Charlotte Award for Waste Reduction. Leaf Burrito® has three goals: (1) fight the war on plastic pollution by keeping plastic bags out of landfills, (2) make the arduous task of bagging leaves, hedge and garden clippings, and grass clippings a simple and eco-friendly experience, and (3) give back to our communities by donating 5% of revenues to local Greenway expansion projects. Leaf Burrito® is approved by the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services for curbside servicing.  

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