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Nexxa is where expectation meets exhilaration. We don’t rent you a vehicle, we provide an experience. We do this by ensuring every aspect of your interaction with us is efficient, thoughtful, professional, and unique. Our fleet is curated to provide thrills, fun, and above all memories.

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?

My family and friends have been a tremendous help to me, their support and belief keep me going.

My first investor who helped with the acquisition of the last two vehicles in our fleet was a blessing. Without her, I do not think we would have been able to open the doors.

I was also able to get funding from Carolinas Small Business Development Fund, which was also critical. Business loans at this stage of a company can be risky and often larger lending institutions are hesitant. So the capital was well timed and needed.

My team. From PR to marketing, to operations, to business development. These are folks are tremendous at their jobs, and deliver at every step of the way.

How did Nexxa Transportation get started?

We originally started doing chauffeured services, with the growth of Uber and Lyft, we recognized that we could not be sustainable as the only means of doing business. So we shifted to the rental market as we saw there were no real options for individuals to rent the type of vehicles we offer in the Charlotte market. I was inspired by what the companies in Miami, Vegas, and New York were doing. But, I knew Charlotte is Charlotte, and you have to understand what works here. And for Charlotte, we are just a great city that is focused on relationships, having a great time and creating memories.

So, I wanted to have a company that put the customer’s experience first. This is important to us. Secondly, we want to ensure our customers see the value in their time spent with NEXXA.

Do you own all of the vehicles, or do you work with local owners and dealers to broker the cars for rental?

We own our vehicles. We do occasionally talk to local individuals who have a unique vehicle that we think fits the NEXXA brand, and we discuss ways in which we can put their vehicle in our fleet, we continue to explore those options.

But, our current strategy is to continue to grow the fleet and own every vehicle we put in our fleet. This helps keep our rental rates affordable to our clients and ensure client’s safety.

Tell us about the experiences vs. a standard vehicle rental.

First, you would have to start with our vehicle offerings. We are the only company, to my knowledge, that you can rent a sports car, an auto cycle, and a motorcycle. So we are really unique and as we expand our fleet the offerings will always stay unique.

Second, you have to look at our online reservation system. The vehicle you reserve is the vehicles you get. We make it super easy to make your bookings. Not a lot of pages to go through and not a lot of unnecessary steps.

Third, is our internal process. We are appointment based. We truly value your time and privacy. So we do not have an open door policy when you book a reservation, you are contacted directly by us, asking very specific questions to ensure we are all on one accord. We meet you at the agreed upon time with 95% of your documents filled out, and ready to go. We love to spend time with our clients, and will if they choose to, but we think that you would rather spend time with the vehicles than us.

Fourth, is going above and beyond. As an example, our vehicles are kept in our highly secure indoor, this allows us to maintain a high level of cleanliness, but also affords us the opportunity to allow our customer’s indoor storage of their vehicles during their rental period.

Fifth is our full-service concierge team. We work with individuals to plan the perfect day or weekend. As well we work with other businesses in and around Charlotte, to help them plan employee and client engagement activities around the vehicles.

We are a full-service company, we do not like to just give you a set of keys and send you on the way, we want to make sure you have a NEXXA Experience.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received, and who was it from?
The best advice came from my friend John. He basically told me to be fluid, and not so tied to my business plan that I do not change. We started this business with an idea, and have probably changed from the original concept 100 times. But, every change has proven to be the right change and continues to position us for great growth.

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