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Charlotte Business Resources  exclusive interview with Russell Alexander Martin, Jabari Bradford, and Chad Phelps, owners of Pristine Wraps Co.

Get to Know: Pristine Wraps Company, LLC

With over 20-years of combined experience, Pristine Wraps Co. specializes in Commercial Branding, Graphics, Wayfinding Signage, and Window Tinting services. Branding is turning a concept into a symbol. A symbol then becomes the foundation of what an entity represents to the public market in which it serves. Branding is ultimately the life source of Government entities, Public and Private companies, and Non-Profit organizations’ symbolism and marketability. Pristine Wraps Co. assists such entities and organizations in expanding their branding initiatives via eco-friendly products and notable materials from vendors such as 3M and Avery Dennison.

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?

A few resource organizations whose officials have given invaluable knowledge and guidance to Pristine Wraps Co. along the way are:

This accumulation of knowledge has steered Pristine Wraps Co. into correct avenues as an MBE/SBE to increase the likelihood of future success within the City of Charlotte. Specifically, by focusing our efforts on time management and networking events, these resources helped us to establish rapport and powerful connections.


Pristine Wraps Co. shares experience with CBR about business chamber of commerce, Charlotte Business INClusion program and other resources who has helped them to establish rapport and powerful connections in the City of Charlotte

What has been the biggest lesson learned during your entrepreneurial journey, and how have you used that to grow your business?

“The biggest lessons learned during my journey as an entrepreneur have been: (1) to thoroughly research our competitors, (2) maintain a certain level of awareness, confidence, focus, and wisdom while inspecting situations before expecting anything from any potential business relationships, and (3) being as philanthropic as possible by giving back to our community with no expectation of receiving any public recognition in return. These lessons have completely humbled Pristine Wraps Co. as a rising MBE/SBE in the City of Charlotte and have translated over to earning the TRUST of those we serve.” – Russell Alexander Martin.

“The biggest lessons learned through my entrepreneurial journey have been: (1) never get discouraged when one door closes as another will soon open, (2) creating a successful business is a marathon, not a sprint, and (3) not having all of the answers and reaching out for help is okay. These lessons have enabled Pristine Wraps Co. to attack each day, no matter the circumstance, with the same amount of passion, perseverance, and patience.” – Chad Daniel Phelps

“The biggest lesson learned throughout my entrepreneurial journey has been to lead by example and with consistency. At Pristine Wraps Co, we are different types of leaders and have noticed eyes are on us at all times, since being the youngest, the spotlight shines even brighter! It is a must day in, day-out to stay true to our morals, values, and habits. The moment our consistency fails, credibility has the chance to slip. We have no lazy days and intend on making an impact for future leaders to come.”- Jabari David Kingo Bradford


Charlotte Business Resources  meeting with Russell Alexander Martin, Jabari Bradford, and Chad Phelps, owners of Pristine Wraps Co.

What inspired you to join the vinyl wrapping industry?

With a concentration in Business and Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, each owner of Pristine Wraps Co. shares a passion for increasing brand awareness, promoting non-profit organizations, and improving the revenue of for-profit entities. Not to mention, our products and services are eco-friendly! By eliminating paint usage, and promoting a sense of eco-sustainability, Pristine Wraps Co. aims to lead the fight against global warming. Lastly, the look from our customers after we complete any project is a bonus!

What makes Pristine’s services stand above the rest? How would you like to innovate in the future?

The combination of high-quality design, transparent communication, and flawless installation sets Pristine apart from our competitors. Amongst a team of certified installers, with exceptional capabilities to tackle a wide scope of projects, we pride ourselves knowing all services ring true to our name: PRISTINE! From Fleet Graphic installations and Commercial and Residential Window Tinting to General Contractors and Government agencies, we guarantee mastery in every field.

In the future, we would like to innovate our company by scaling into separate divisions which encompass the various talents and trades held by our current employees. The City of Charlotte is attracting more and more people every year, so there will always be individuals with new talents on the horizon. As Pristine Wraps Co. expands, we will continuously strive to reach the untapped potential of the natives and new members of our beautiful city.


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