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CBR's interview with ReHomeYourPets.comAbout the Biz

Sandy L. Mills, Founder/Manager of ReHomeYourPets.com shares entrepreneurial journey with CBR

Get to Know: ReHomeYourPets.com

When people can no longer keep a pet and are often at a loss for what to do, ReHomeYourPets.com was created to provide much-needed education along with informational tips and tools to encourage and empower people everywhere to responsibly re-home their pets.

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?

Ms. Gardner (at SCORE) has been very helpful in teaching me on how to promote ReHomeYourPets.com to attract advertisers and grow the website.

What has been the biggest lesson learned during your entrepreneurial journey, and how have you used that to grow your business?

I’ve learned that you may surprise yourself by what you can do when you have a passion for a cause.  For me, the technical end of the website was not my forte. Thankfully, our website technician is a great teacher, and he is continually educating me on how to manage, collect, and post data and information.

What moment are you most proud of throughout the years of developing your business?

For me, it’s those moments when someone emails the website saying how thankful they are for all the practical help the site has provided them in finding a home for their pet, and how helpful the information and tools on the website were to them!

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