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Charlotte Business Resources  meets The Daily Details, Co-Founders, Nicole L. Vieira, and Kiri L. Hahn

Get to Know: The Daily Details

The Daily Details is an upscale beauty bar offering: blowouts & hair-styling, manicures & pedicures, facial waxing, and make-up application. We are located both in Uptown (at the base of the Duke Energy Center), and in Ballantyne (across the street from Stonecrest Shopping Center). We offer convenient online booking. Our focus is on exceptional client service for guests on-the-go.

As a business owner, what resource organizations have helped you along the way, and how?

Charlotte Center City Partners – the Director of Retail at the time (Chris Hemans) was a great resource for us when we were in the process of securing the lease for our first location in Uptown.  He acted as an advocate for us when we had to prove to Wells Fargo (our landlord) that our business concept, although unproven, was viable and would succeed.


The Daily Details, Co-Founders, Nicole L. Vieira, and Kiri L. Hahn shares business challenges and experiences with Charlotte Business Resources  for the new entrepreneurs

What has been the biggest lesson learned during your entrepreneurial journey, and how have you used that to grow your business?

When you open a business, lots of people want to give you unsolicited advice. It may take some time to fine tune it, but listen to your gut, and trust in yourself (and your business partner, if you have one) that you ultimately know what’s best and necessary to make your business successful  – be wary of people who want to suck up your time & energy.

What do you believe sets The Daily Details apart from other beauty bars in the Charlotte area?

  • We are an ORIGINAL concept business – The Daily Details was founded by two sisters who worked as CPAs in Uptown that dreamt of a convenient, clean and inviting place they could pop into to take care of all their beauty needs.
  • We offer convenient ONLINE booking.
  • Our team is extremely passionate, energetic and diverse.
  • We partner with other local businesses for pop-up events around town – HSM, CycleSouth, Barre3, Duke Mansion, Providence Country Club, Little Nest Portraits, etc.
  • We are extremely organized when it comes to Group Bookings (bridal parties, birthdays, bachelorettes, corporate outings, etc.).
  • We host SkillPop classes multiple times per month at our Uptown location.
  • We support & donate to over 25+ local charities in the Greater CLT area on an annual basis.

Charlotte Business Resources  exclusive interview with the daily details


What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when opening The Daily Details? How did you overcome them?

The build-out of our first location was a MONUMENTAL undertaking. The Duke Energy Center (DEC) is a very complex building, and we were building out a SHELL space, meaning there was no previous water or plumbing, electricity, phone or internet connection from a prior tenant. There were LOTS of restrictions placed on construction – from the time of day contractors could work (9 PM – 5 PM) to the types of materials used (low VOC paint, copper plumbing, energy efficient lighting, etc.), endless inspections and more. All of these factors compounded caused major delays on our original target date, moving from the 2015 Holidays to February 2016. Also, the General Contracting firm we were using ended up filing for bankruptcy at the end of our project.

If you could go 10-years back in time and give yourself some advice, what would it be?

A lot of new college graduates are obsessed with finding the perfect job right off the bat. Twenty-five is still so young, and there’s a lot of changes coming, so don’t overthink it and start a professional career somewhere.  All those hours you think you are in a soul-sucking job, sitting in a cubicle, will provide you with an unexpected skillset. It may not feel like it now, but trust your future self, you will think back and lean on so much of what you learned in those earlier jobs/experiences.

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