5 Fast Facts About Licensing & Permitting

If you’re starting a business in Mecklenburg County (and if you’ve landed on this page), you already know that you’ll need to undergo some sort of permitting process. Keep reading to learn more about this process and the resources available to help you!

5 Fast Facts About Licensing & Permitting

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library can help in many ways.

Not every entrepreneur is aware of this, but the Library is an excellent resource for many of your licensing and permitting questions. For one, they provide a cheat sheet of North Carolina’s licenses, permits and legal formation related to starting a business.

You need to figure out what type of business you are.

Are you a sole-proprietor? A partnership? A corporation? An LLC? This is something you’ll have to know in order to understand which licenses and permits are required for your business.

You can verify many of our state’s licensing and sub-licensing requirements online.

Just visit the Business Link North Carolina’s website to find the requirements for your business.

You need to confirm zoning requirements. 

If you’ve already picked your location, even if you’re working from home, you need to call the zoning department (311 or 704-336-7600) to ensure that you are within regulations.

If you’re selling food or alcohol…

If you’re selling food, remember to contact the Environmental Health Department (311 or 704-336-7600). And if you’re selling alcohol, remember that you need to apply for an Alcoholic Beverage Control Permit with the state of North Carolina. You’ll need this to receive your local beer and wine license (311 or 704-336-7600)!

Learn more about licensing and permitting and how the Library can help!


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