5 Tips for Getting People to Read Your Blogs

How do you get people to read your blog? Find out from local blogger, Hayley Lyons!

Andrew: Alright, Charlotte, welcome back. We are here with another episode of CBR’s B2U podcast, bringing business resources directly to you. This podcast is presented by www.cbrbiz.com, and I’m Andrew Bowen, your host.

Today’s episode is the second part of our conversation with Hayley Lyons. As you might remember from our last episode, Hayley is a web content strategist at CGR Creative, a local marketing agency. Hayley, welcome back.

Hayley: Good to be back.

Andrew: Thank you for being here. Last time, Hayley shared some of her best tips with us for writing a blog post. Today we really want to know, now that we’ve written our blog or other web content, how do we get other people to read it? Hayley, you’re the expert. What are your thoughts?

Hayley: Okay, so last time I gave you my five favorite tips for writing for web, and now I want to give you my five favorite tips for getting your content seen and shared.

Andrew: That’s great.

Hayley: So, tip number one.

Andrew: One.

Hayley: Share it from your company page as well as from your personal page. So, first thing’s first, when you write a blog for your business or something for your business, the first place you want to share it is to your business’ social media pages. This seems obvious.

And if you feel it’s appropriate, don’t hesitate to share it to your personal page as well. You’d be surprised. Your family and friends want to support you and you might have someone, you know, one of those random friends from high school who’s interested in what your business offers but doesn’t follow your business page, that your content would interest them.

Andrew: Yeah, and that’s what I’ve heard a lot throughout this community, is, really, when you have a small business or you’re starting a business, it’s you’re selling yourself as much as you’re selling your company.

Hayley: Absolutely, that is exactly right.

Andrew: Yeah, so it’s very important to share both that you are in it on your personal page and then also on your business page. Great.

Hayley: That’s right, so we have your company page and your personal page. And tip number two is to be engaging. This is actually my favorite piece of advice when it comes to writing content for web and to sharing it to web, and I’ve said it last time, I believe, is to be human.

You are human, you’re writing to humans, allow your copy to be engaging and do not forget to use an engaging title. Though, side note, I hate clickbait so be sure your title is engaging but is also honest about the content your page is providing. You don’t want users to visit your page and immediately leave when they see you aren’t offering what you promised.

Andrew: Yeah, so anybody who’s not sure what clickbait is, it’s when there’s a title that looks really interesting and you click it, and you realize it’s just the worst list of stuff ever. So it’s like, “You won’t believe what she said after he said,” and you click and you, “Oh, wow, he said something,” and then it really is not anything like that.

Hayley: Like, “My five favorite Disney characters,” or something lame like that. That’s always what happens.

Andrew: Yeah, clickbait.

Hayley: Clickbait.

Andrew: All right.

Hayley: Tip number three is to post regularly and be consistent. Consistency is key when it comes to blogging and social media marketing. This means that all posts and blogs should be written using the same voice, the voice of your brand if it’s for your business. But it also means to post on a regular basis. But, on the other hand, remember not to post too much.

So I actually want to tell you something I learned personally is, like we’ve mentioned before, I’ve been blogging for years and, for me, I’ve found that my happy place and when I get the most engagement is when I’m posting two to four times a month. Any more than that, and I actually start to lose engagement.

Andrew: Okay, so you’re losing engagement on both your desire to blog and people reading it?

Hayley: I think that what happens when you’re posting too much is that people are almost seeing too much of you and they start to click less, but when they start to see you again it’s kind of like a pleasant surprise. I would say, you know, once a week, something like that is the best way to get the most engagement.

Andrew: Okay, great.

Hayley: That’s for blogging, not for social media, which we’ll get to in our next episode. I’m more of a daily poster on social.

Andrew: Alright, we’re looking forward to that too.

Hayley: Okay, number four is to use pictures and bullet points in blogs.

Andrew: I love pictures.

Hayley: I love pictures, too, and so do your readers. They love white space, they love skimming, which, you know, that’s where the bullet points come in handy, but always use visuals. Use pictures whenever you can.

Andrew: Alright.

Hayley: And tip number five is really just to trust your content. If your content is good and offers value to your readers, it will be an organic success. Write it and they will come.

Remember, web content and blogs, it’s not just limited to written content. It could be written, it could be video, it could be a photo gallery or it could even be a podcast, which I happen to know that CBR has.

Andrew: Yes, CBR has a podcast…

Hayley: Awesome.

Andrew: …and I’m Andrew Bowen, your host, again.

Hayley: Awesome.

Andrew: Yeah, alright, so that was a pretty good recap on how we’re getting people to read it. So the next question, I guess it’s kind of natural after you talk about people actually reading your content, how do people usually track whether or not people are reading it?

Hayley: Well, at CGR Creative, we use Google Analytics to track how many views blogs are getting and websites are getting. Personally, for my personal blog, which, you know, if you’re just starting out with something like that, WordPress actually gives you some pretty good stats behind the scenes as well.

Andrew: So it’s pretty easy to figure out a tracking system once you get this up and going?

Hayley: Definitely, definitely.

Andrew: Okay, super. Well, anything else you’d like to add about getting people to read your content?

Hayley: I think that’s it, and I’m really excited for our next episode.

Andrew: That’s great, I like it. Especially since you have everything broken out into five bullet points.

Hayley: That’s right.

Andrew: It makes it very easy to keep track of. Is the next one five?

Hayley: It is.

Andrew: Alright. Spoiler alert, everybody. Social media…

Hayley: Favorite number.

Andrew: …broken down into five bullet points.

All right. Well, thank you very much Hayley. And to find out more information about CGR Creative or to listen to archived podcasts, visit us at www.cbrbiz.com. Stay tuned for the third and final part of our conversation with Hayley Lyons from CGR Creative, where she’ll be giving us the scoop on how to post to social media, broken out into five bullet points.

Thank you for tuning into CBR’s B2U podcast, presented by www.cbrbiz.com. Until next time, we mean business.

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