7 Reasons to Start Your Own Business in 2017

If you're starting a business in 2017, you aren't alone. The New Year is a popular time for soon-to-be entrepreneurs to start organizing their goals and thoughts into concrete business plans. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to start their own business.

Here are a few of the reasons we've heard over the years!

1. You identify an opportunity.

This is exactly what Bernadette Maulion of Dressed Charlotte didShe found herself attending several weddings and events where she would wear a dress once and then never wear it again; they would just pile up in her closet. Then one day, she realized how great it would be if she could borrow other people’s clothes and others could borrow her clothes. 

“If you had asked me five and ten years ago where I saw myself, there is no way I would have told you that I would be married to a guy from South Carolina, living in Charlotte, quitting my high paying bank job and trying to start my own business. And I’m loving that I’m living a life that I never predicted.” Bernadette Maulion, Dressed Charlotte


2. You're inspired by personal experience.

Patrick Steptoe, the founder of Vegan-to-Go, was inspired by the rise of obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol that affected his personal health and his family’s health directly. Gaining 100 pounds after college inspired him to start an all plant based diet, and he lost 90 pounds over two year which ultimately saved his life.

“The first challenge to overcome is having faith in yourself and your business concept/idea.”Patrick Steptoe, Vegan-to-Go


3. You want to cut out the middle man.

Mike Simmons of WIMS, Inc. realized that with a smaller company he could the middleman out. His business could be between his firm and a client, and he could also make more money while saving the client money as well. A win-win situation. Plus, he had always dreamed of owning his own business.

“While starting a business is hard work and everyone knows that, there are simultaneously more resources available than ever before that provide knowledge and guidance. If anyone has a dream to become an entrepreneur, now is the time to pursue it.” – Mike Simmons, WIMS, Inc.


4. It's been your dream for years.

For Giovy Buyers of Southern Blossom Florist, her entrepreneurial spirit had been calling since she was a child. Her family’s flower shop in Ecuador inspired her to own her own flower business.

“I have an entrepreneurial spirit. In my youth, when I was not selling lemonade to neighbors, I was making things to sell to my cousins or friends. I knew that one day I would have my own business.” – Giovy Buyers, Southern Blossom Florist


5. You're passionate about helping others.

After Hurricane Katrina, Nicole Odom of Dogtopia volunteered assisting displaced dogs and realized that despite such a terrible situation, she loved working with dogs. From there, she knew that’s what she wanted to do: open a business around dogs. After being a customer to a Dogtopia in Virginia, she fell in love with the company’s atmosphere and started her own franchise.

“I would get so wrapped up in what I was doing that people would have to stop me and ask me if I had any food or water that day. It was definitely my ‘ah-ha moment.’” – Nicole Odom, Dogtopia


6. You want to do something you love.

Just like Brooke Barber and Chef Daniel from Street Spice Food Truck! They both have always had a passion for food and have been interested in entrepreneurship. But Chef Daniel’s creativity was always limited while working in restaurants. A food truck helped him develop his own menu and bring more diversity to the food scene here in Charlotte.

“We ask each other “Hey, are you still loving this?” and as long as the answer is yes, we keep going.” – Brooke Barber, Street Spice Food Truck


7. You just know it's what you were born to do.

Fourth grader Ryan Kirsh's passion blossomed early, as he helped his father mow the lawn from the moment he started walking. Soon, he was asking his neighbors if he could blow off their driveways and sidewalks with his backpack blower or cut their grass. His neighbors become his first clients, and thus, Turf Warrior was born.

“My motto is “Taking Care of God’s Green Earth,” and I’m having fun getting out there and mowing.” – Ryan Kirsch


What's your reason for starting your own business? Share it with us on Twitter @cbrbiz!

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