Brewing Up a Dream with MECHA CAFE

CBR meets Mecha Café, a Charlotte small business owners


Business:  MECHA CAFÉ
Business Co-Owner: LaMor Leach
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CBR's Interview with MECHA CAFÉ, a mobile gourmet coffee shopWhen LaMor Leach’s mother, Rita, decided she wanted to pursue her passion for gourmet coffee, it was the opportunity LaMor had been waiting for. A published children’s book author with a background in sales and marketing, Leach was excited to expand his entrepreneurial portfolio. The pair teamed up, and MECHA CAFÉ was born.

MECHA CAFÉ is a mobile gourmet coffee shop that caters hand-selected, proprietary coffee blends to corporate, networking, political and private events. We sat down with LaMor Leach, co-owner of MECHA CAFÉ to learn more about the business’s rebrand, offerings, and tips on successfully managing a coffee company.

What inspired you to rebrand? What were your goals for the transformation? 

What inspired our decision to rebrand was the frequent request for freshly roasted coffee, allowing our customers not to worry about picking up coffee from the store; thus, making their life easier. Our goal for the transformation is to roast coffee at the sweetest point, collaborate with nonprofit organizations and utilize our coffee for fundraising opportunities within the community, and provide coffee that is never burnt and freshly roasted for each customer.

The coffee community is brimming with specialty java offerings. What sets Mecha Cafe apart from the competition?

We are proud to provide a coffee brand that roasts coffee at the sweetest point, delivers for free, and ensure our coffee is fresh each time.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a small business owner? Any advice for other coffee connoisseurs hopeful of getting into the industry?

We have faced challenges finding our niche, continuing to improve customer retention, and delivery challenges. Currently, our team has been working on local marketing campaigns where our coffee is provided at events in the community; plus, learning how to scale the business and build a loyal fanbase.

What resources did you use when starting your business?

We at MECHA CAFÉ have used, as a tool to take the task at hand and create our measure of success moving forward in our endeavor for future growth. It has helped us find financial resources and events to attend so we can network and connect with our peers.


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