Brewing Up a Dream with MECHA CAFE

When LaMor Leach’s mother, Rita, decided she wanted to pursue her passion for gourmet coffee, it was the opportunity LaMor had been waiting for. A published children’s book author with a background in sales and marketing, Leach was excited to expand his entrepreneurial portfolio. The pair teamed up, and MECHA CAFÉ was born.

MECHA CAFÉ is a mobile gourmet coffee shop that caters hand-selected, proprietary coffee blends to corporate, networking, political and private events. We sat down with LaMor Leach, co-owner of MECHA CAFÉ to learn more about the business, exporting, and successfully managing multiple businesses. Enjoy!

CBR: The idea of a mobile café is so interesting! What types of customers do you have now, and how do you get new customers?

LaMor Leach (LL): I’m glad you asked! Our ideal customer is the professional individual and the average coffee drinker that enjoys a gourmet cup of coffee before and during work. We provide our fresh-roasted bagged coffee in corporate offices to enhance the coffee experience at the workplace for employees. We get our new customers from referrals about our coffee’s unique taste, and provide our gourmet coffee services during events and networking socials.

CBR: What makes MECHA CAFE unique from other catering-type services that also can provide coffee?

LL: We love to connect with people and because of that, our gourmet coffee is a funnel for our passion for the educational and economic growth of youth. Our mission is to create partnerships, and build brick-and-mortar locations that will employ the youth of Charlotte, NC.  We want to make youth aware of, and have access to careers available in the coffee industry (coffee baristas, coffee cuppers, coffee buyers, roasters). According to National Coffee Association of USA (NCAUSA), as of 2015, the coffee industry is responsible for over 1.6 million jobs. We want to increase those numbers, and empower the future through coffee.

CBR: How did you find vendors that had the right coffee products?

LL: Coffee is very strategic on a business platform. It’s not just finding coffee beans and roast for our customers, it’s utilizing the right farmers that harvest the right beans, and roasting the coffee bean at its sweetest point for our proprietary coffee. We are proud to give to our customers the BEST quality…do you know what’s in your coffee?

CBR: Do you work with any vendors internationally? If so, how did you find them, and what challenges or opportunities did you encounter when working with international vendors?

LL: We source our coffee from different origins from around the world including Central America, Africa, South America and Costa Rica. We noticed coffee beans farmed from different origins provide us with a taste we enjoy. From mildness to fruity to bittersweet, chocolate flavor notes after the certain bean cracks during the roasting process. We see a great future within the coffee industry, and we aim to make the best accessible. Gourmet Coffee│Great Customer Service│The Best

CBR: We hear you, LaMor, are also a children’s book author! How do you juggle your priorities?

LL: I take two days a week for my books, and the rest of week I dedicate to our customers and coffee. For example, I take Sunday to plan out my week, Monday and Tuesday are dedicated to my published Children’s Book. I’m lead by my passions, and am an approved vendor for CMS to provide my Children’s Book ‘Even Though You Can’t Speak!’ (Edited by the Copy Editor, Eric Adams for ST. THOMAS USVI Newspaper & Media Relations for FEMA), and working on authors workshop for a program filled with formats of fun writing and reading with my literary partners.


CBR: What advice would you give other entrepreneurs who have multiple businesses?

LL: There are only 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. If you are wearing a lot of hats, I advise to seek out an adviser and a mentor to improve your business for manageability. We as individuals feel we are in business to be independent, but, in essence, we should work towards an interdependent mentality.

CBR: What resources did you use when getting your businesses started?

LL: We at MECHA CAFÉ have used, as a tool to take the task at hand and create our measure of success moving forward in our endeavor for future growth. It has helped us find financial resources and events to attend so we can network and connect with our peers.

Thank you, LaMor for taking the time to speak with us! To learn more about MECHA CAFÉ, visit them online, or follow them on Instagram and Facebook. You can also get a taste of their handcrafted brew on January 27th, 2018 at Nona’s Bakery .

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