Be a Charlotte Show-Off!

Whether you’ve just discovered recently, or have been with us from the start, we want you to know that we appreciate everything your business is doing to contribute to the growth of our city. As a small business owner, you’re making Charlotte a better place to live, play and work.

Because we value small businesses, we want to give a business like you the chance to SHOW OFF, during Small Business Month 2017 and beyond. This is why we’re taking our brand to a whole new level by welcoming our first- ever CBR Ambassador. It will all start with one Ambassador, and that Ambassador could be YOU!

Are you a small business owner who embodies the spirit of being an entrepreneur in Charlotte? Do you care about bettering Charlotte’s economy and community through small business? And, lastly, are you passionate about the resources and mission of Charlotte Business Resources?

If you said yes to all of those questions, you might just have what it takes to be the first CBR Ambassador.

What are the perks of being an Ambassador?

  • Show off! For one day in Small Business Month, we’ll feature your business in a blog interview on the front page of our website, as well as on all social media platforms!
  • Show up! As the CBR Ambassador, you’d be exclusively invited to our Small Business Month kick-off event on May 2nd, where you’ll also receive special recognition and the opportunity to network.
  • Show stop! As a CBR Ambassador, you’ll be able to share your spirit for entrepreneurship and small business in entirely new ways. Expand your reach, grow your network, and show Charlotte why your business is a showstopper.

And Small Business Month is only the start.

As our CBR Ambassador program continues to grow, we look forward to giving you more opportunities to share the spirit of and show off your business!

Sound like something you’d love to be a part of? Entries close on April 25th, so fill out our entry form now for your chance to be the first-ever CBR Ambassador.