City Startup Labs Launches Citizen Reentry Program

“The same possibilities exist for the formerly incarcerated as for anyone else looking to start and run a business.” – Henry Rock, Founder of City Startup Labs

When we think of underserved business communities, one that is often overlooked are returning citizens. Imagine making a mistake (that wasn’t hard, was it?), handling the consequences, and then being stuck when trying to get back to basic normalcy. For former inmates in the Charlotte area, getting back on their feet professionally comes with its own challenges, and can make owning a business seem almost unattainable. Until now.

City Startup Labs has recently launched The ReEntry Entrepreneur Program (REEP) to bridge the gap between individuals returning home from incarceration and the business value they can provide to our communities. The REEP Center of Excellence aims to foster reintegration through a holistic framework that focuses on critical thinking, working with teams, understanding and implementing business fundamentals, and developing an actionable business model.

To learn more about the REEP Center for Excellence, visit City Startup Labs at

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