CLT Tech Co-founder: “Invest in Biz Dev, Staff, Leadership”

Technology is all about possibility and how it can empower its users to move forward. It is the mission of IT-HenHouse to do just that. They identify the real issues holding your business back and transform it to host fresh, new ideas with the foundation of solid expertise.

When you reach out to IT-HenHouse, Ann C. Fields will likely be your first point of contact. A key player in each ERP solution, Ann co-founded and IT-Henhouse with her husband Kenneth to bring people-powered tech solutions to propel businesses forward. 

IT-HenHouse works with all businesses regardless of size to help empower them to move forward with technology. We talked more with Ann about the different resources that she utilized when starting the business and what she recommends to future entrepreneurs.  

CBR: What resources did you find helpful when you started your business?

IT-HenHouse: We have taken advantage of many of the resources that are available to small businesses. It would be easier to list the resources that we have not utilized in some capacity, but some of the ones that have been extremely helpful for us are the SBTDC, Charlotte Business Inclusion, Carolina Small Business Development Fund and the Small Business Center to name a few.  Recently, we have participated in events or received support from the Latin America Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and Black Chamber of Commerce.

CBR: What challenges do you help businesses with?


  • Growing businesses by eliminating redundancies and manual processes.
  • Guiding organizations into the digital age using cloud and artificial intelligence.
  • Improving the customer experience.
  • Earning clear visibility within their supply chain.
  • Effectively managing your talent resources.
  • Using innovative ideas and technology to disrupt their industry.

CBR: How diverse are your clients? Are they typically part of a certain industry or business stage?

IT-HenHouse: Our clients are diverse because our solutions are diverse. We service small to large businesses and we have an affinity for entrepreneurs.

CBR: If you had one piece of advice for someone who needed to take on a big technology project, what would it be?

IT-HenHouse: Preparation! You must be intentional about identifying, understanding and addressing both the organizational and individual impact of taking on a new technology project.

CBR: What activities would you recommend to entrepreneurs to invest their time in?

IT-HenHouse: Connecting with resources that allow you to develop your business, hire qualified staffing and foster leadership skills.

CBR: Anything else?

IT-HenHouse: Be clear on where you want your company to go. Establish realistic objectives and goals. Monitor your objectives and goals and redirect whenever necessary. Be open to criticisms, as well as praise. Be open to your customers’ needs, be honest as to whether you can help them – integrity. Have a familiarization with all aspects of your business.

Thank you, Ann!

IT-Henhouse will be hosting a free Small Business Showcase on 10/25 at the NASCAR Hall of Fame where small business owners are invited for lunch and networking. During the showcase, attendees will discuss real issues and learn how people-powered tech may resolve them.  To RSVP, click here.

To learn more about IT-HenHouse and everything that they offer, be sure to visit them online at their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. If you have a question or comment, tweet us at @CBRbiz.

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