A Day in the Life of…CBRBiz.com!

Today is the last day to enter our Social Media Takeover! The contest closes at 11:59 PM, and once selected, the winner will receive $1,000 in social media advertising and will be recognized at the “What’s Your Gameplan?” event on May 25th. The winner will also be featured on all of our social media channels and in a featured blog during Small Business Month in May, and they will be invited to tweet a “day-in-the-life” from our Twitter account.

Starting first thing this morning, we decided to share a “day-in-the-life” of our own from Instagram, using the hashtag #CBRdayinthelife. Check out a few of our favorite moments!


8:30 AM – But first, coffee.

9:00 AM – Sharing is caring!

Sharing is caring! We grabbed a dozen more muffins to share with the CBR team.

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11:30 AM – Hello, CBRBiz.com!

Our morning meeting is complete. Now it’s time to take a look at our favorite website!

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1:00 PM – Don’t cry over spilled coffee!

2:00 PM – Where should we eat?

2:15 PM – There are so many options!

Or should we eat at one of Charlotte’s many staples? #cbrdayinthelife

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3:00 PM – This view never gets old!

There she is! #queencity #cbrdayinthelife

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3:30 PM – Time to sit and enjoy this day!

4:00 PM – And we’re back!

Although not all of our days involve this much strolling and sightseeing, we constantly strive to be an active part of Charlotte’s business community, doing everything we can to stay-up-to-date with the latest and greatest. Remember: You have until 11:59 PM *tonight* (April 20th) to enter our Social Media Takeover. You could be the face of Charlotte! Enter here for your chance to win.

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