Dualboot Partners, Building and Transforming Businesses One Day at a Time

Creating unique technology solutions for businesses requires a passion for innovation and a knack for understanding your customers. It also takes many years of experience, a combined 40+ to be exact. Who are we talking about? Dualboot Partners and its Principal, Daniel DelaCruz.

After graduating with his Masters from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Daniel began his career focusing on asset management, banking, and capital markets where he gained valuable experience in creating efficient business processes.

Before he co-founded Dualboot Partners, Daniel was the VP of Finance and Operations of a digital marketing agency. It was there where he learned the services business model. He, along with his partners Todd Buelow and Ben Gilman, realized they were uniquely positioned to create a team of top tech talent, and Dualboot was formed.

Dualboot works with small to mid-sized businesses to build custom technology to help improve efficiency and drive their business forward. We talked more with Daniel about his decision to start his own company and the advice that has guided his success.
CBRbiz.com: Why did you choose to start a company like Dualboot?
Daniel DelaCruz: Across the board, the labor market is incredibly tight. When it comes to staffing software/technical jobs, the challenge of attracting and retaining talent is exponential. This challenge is further amplified by the fact that to build proper software, companies need many fractional skill sets (e.g., CTO, product managers, UI/UX, design, frontend, backend, QA, mobile, etc.) Even large enterprises with dedicated recruiters are having a tough time.

Combined, my business partners and I have been in the technology and client services space for 40+ years. We knew the services business model extremely well and felt we had strong networks in place with top technical talent and businesses. The result has been a great and natural partnership with our clients; we have been able to add tremendous value very quickly for our clients.
CBRbiz.com: Who are your particular clients? Are they in a specific business stage or have a certain type of product?
Daniel DelaCruz: We work with enterprise clients and startups alike. Companies of all shapes and sizes are digitizing and undergoing massive software transformations. We can help with any and all stages of the software development process – from developing a strategy for a new idea all the way through iterating on complex enterprise platforms.
CBRbiz.com: What advice would you give to a business that wants to launch software or a digital product?
Daniel DelaCruz: #1 Market size and growth. #2 Market size and growth. #3 Market size and growth. Great products fail all the time because they fail to solve a problem people care about (e.g., there is no market). Bad products can be very successful (despite themselves) if they are in the right market.
CBRbiz.com: What was the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received and who was it from?
Daniel DelaCruz: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain


Thank you, Daniel! To learn more about Dualboot Partners and all they have to offer, be sure to visit them online at dualbootpartners.com. If you have a question or comment, tweet us at @CBRbiz.

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