Four Strategic Secrets — Grow Your Business During a Booming Economy, SCORE Workshop with Waxhaw Business Association

Four Strategic Secrets — Grow You Business During a Booming Economy, SCORE Workshop with Waxhaw Business Association

Introduction:  In today’s growing market, local business and non-profit leaders are forced to face the reality of a very competitive landscape while also managing rising internal pressures. These challenges compel business owners to be strategic, more than ever, in order to grow their businesses in a boom market!

Whether a small business, medium, large or non-profit, FOUR STRATEGIC SECRETS to growing your business will be revealed during this interactive presentation.

The Problem: It is easy to believe that during good economic times and rapid local growth that running or expanding a business might be easy. That is certainly not the case. Pressures on finding good employees, creating effective process, and developing a solid foundation to grow a business becomes even harder during times of growth due to rising competition, internal challenges and additional market pressures.

Overview: In today’s session we will discuss and share examples of reframing and articulating presenting problems so leaders can:  1) declutter issues, 2) establish system-solutions, 3) optimize the business culture, and 4) set meaningful goals.

Workshop Presenter: Jason T. Collett, entrepreneur, global leader, and President, Adaptability Development, LLC.

Jason, a SCORE Certified Mentor, is a global business and HR speaker. He has simultaneously built, operated and sold small businesses while also holding global HR leadership positions in several Fortune 500 companies.  He is also a Co-Owner/Brew-Master of Rock Hill Brewing Company.

When not high altitude ice climbing, sailing, skiing, snowboarding and surfing around the world, he is the very active father of three, devoted husband and active community volunteer.


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