Founder Fellowships: Free Co-Working Space in a Post COVID-19 World

By Packard Place

Packard Place’s mission has always been to “Put Charlotte First” and to build a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of entrepreneurship to make our community better. Packard Place Fellowships allow new Founders to become part of Charlotte’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem without having to pay membership fees or rent for some time to help startup companies succeed and thrive. We do this because starting a company is hard, and we want Founders who have decided to take a bold risk feel supported and valued in Charlotte.



Fellowship applications are reviewed by Packard Place Community members and considered based on the following criteria:

  • Does the Founder believe and support the Packard Place Statement of Beliefs?
  • Is their intention to build and grow their startup in the Charlotte region?
  • Does their startup have a clear vision and a chance of success with the ability to create jobs and build Charlotte?
  • The startup must be less than 6 months old and less than $200K in revenue.
  • Ideally, the Founder is working on the business full time, but we will consider Founders who are keeping their day jobs for a bit as long as they’re spending 80 hours/month on their startup.
  • Will the Founder be actively using the Fellowship space and be an active member of the Packard Place Community?

For more information and to apply, click here.

If you are interested in joining the fellowship program, please feel free to reach out to the Community Manager, Jasmine Boyce:

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