How Demond Raybon is Helping Local Businesses Launch in Charlotte

Demond Raybon, the CEO of StealthEnomics, grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and always felt a need to exercise his entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 10, he worked with his brother to establish a candy shop that operated out of their mother’s home and sold candy to neighborhood kids. He realized that he found fulfillment in providing a much-needed service for the kids in the community while also finding a profit–a very important lesson for a 10-year-old. At this young age, it sparked an interest in him to learn how to become a business owner when he was older.

When he graduated from high school, he decided to attend Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC. It is here that he truly began to hone his entrepreneurial and technical skills. He also began to develop the idea for what business he wanted to start when he graduate from college. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Information Systems and formed his first company, PC Mechanics. He built PC Mechanics to provide computer support to both residential and consumer clients. Services offered included corporate website development, onsite IT support, and computer repairs. While working at PC Mechanics he met and befriended future StealthEnomics™ co-founder Vonnie Wright.

As he worked with Vonnie, he introduced him to Leroy Wilson, and Vonnie introduced Demond to Christopher Bell, both successful entrepreneurs. They decided to all meet as a group one day and realized that their diverse skill sets and expertise could be brought together to form a revolutionary business which would eventually become StealthEnomics.

We wanted StealthEnomics™ to serve as a resource and a hub for small business launch services. Helping these companies establish themselves in a niche market would ensure that their business models and concepts were economically sound and ‘StealthEnomics™ approved.’ -Demond Raybon, CEO of StealthEnomics What is StealthEnomics? What services do you offer?
Demond: StealthEnomics™ is a one-stop-shop for essential business launch services. We realize that time is the most important currency in business – not money. Lost money can be recovered, but time lost is gone forever. StealthEnomics™ leverages in-house business launch experts who manage the launch of a business holistically, seamlessly, and concurrently from beginning to end with our 8 First Best Step System™ and not as a multi-project, multi-vendor, stop-start, unpredictable process. This approach saves time, reduces anxiety, and produces predictable, quality outcomes that are attractive to new business executives and their investors. We offer a variety of services including business content development, business advice, graphic design, help with developing your business legal structure as well as website development and maintenance.

Demond Raybon Helping Local Businesses Launch in Charlotte What types of businesses do you serve?

Demond: We serve businesses of all kinds. As a one-stop provider of essential business launch services in the U.S., we cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, business owners, and U.S. Armed Forces personnel transitioning to civilian life who wish to launch a business. We also market to start-ups as they are the ones who typically need business advice getting their business started. But we also work with those that have launched a company and may need a business tune-up. We are willing to help with any aspect of the business development process. Learn more about our Capital Academy. What challenges do you help business owners with?

Demond: We help businesses tackle issues that are inherent in the launch of a new business. Issues such as marketing, funding, and general business development can cripple a company if they do not have the effective means with which to manage. We work with companies to make them ‘StealthEnomics™ approved.’ This means that they have all the tools available to conquer the business world. They are leveraging their marketing segments, consistently searching for and utilizing funding in the proper manner, as well as having ethical and well-rounded business standards. Tell us about the 8 First Best Steps.

Demond: These are the steps are upon which our business is founded. They represent critical steps in the business development process that can often be a make or break for a company. The StealthEnomics™ 8 First Best Step System™ leverages end-to-end custom services to produce predictable, optimal results to minimize the anxiety, uncertainty, and time-wasting activities that are commonly experienced when transforming an idea, product, or solution into a viable business or project.

The 8 steps are:

Step 1: Mutual Discovery

Step 2: Legal Structure

Step 3: Business Content

Step 4: Corporate Identity

Step 5: Domain Name Registration

Step 6: Digital Marketing

Step 7: Website Design and Development

Step 8: Business Advice

This system is ideal for working people, stay at home mom and dads, college students, military personnel transitioning to civilian life, the soon-to-be retired, recently laid off, and anyone else who wants to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. It was built for those who have a great business idea, product, or solution and who want guidance, service, and support for a strong business start.

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Thank you for sharing your story, Demond! Readers, to learn more about Charlotte’s small business community, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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