Nancy White Helps Charlotte Locals Rejuvenate Their Lives

Nancy White is well-known around Charlotte for being a transformational health coach, as well as for her sincerity, knowledge and passion for living a healthy lifestyle. You probably know her as the Healthy Cells Chick, but what you might not know is the journey that brought her to where she is today.

At the age of 9, Nancy lost her father to Hodgkin’s disease, and when she was a senior at Myers Park High School, she lost her older brother to Leukemia. From there, a passion for health and wellness was born, and her introduction to natural alternatives truly began with her mother, who aged youthfully until her recent death at 96. Having children only further fueled her passion, as she began seeking natural alternatives to traditional over-the-counter medicines or prescriptions whenever possible.

Today, Nancy is a Healthy Lifestyle and Business Advisor at Rejvn8u, and she has assisted over 600 people hoping to improve their health.

Read her story now, and find out more about Rejvn8u! In what ways and at what times has your passion for health and promoting healthy living for others shone through over the years? Was this a passion for you at a young age?

Nancy White (NW): My passion for health and promoting wellness was birthed from the deaths of my father and oldest brother. Through the years, whenever friends and family were either sick or not feeling their optimal healthiest selves, they would consistently come to me for suggestions of healthy, natural options to incorporate into their lives. After having children, I utilized natural alternatives to traditional over-the-counter medicines or prescriptions as much as possible. I believe in a balanced approach between Western medicine and natural alternatives; in fact, the two blood related diseases that my father and brother died from are now curable.

In my adult life, I’m most proud of the healthy impact that I have been able to make in the lives of my family. Whether it was in supporting my mother’s decisions to embrace a healthy lifestyle into her nineties, strengthening my marriage through healthy lifestyles in our home, or being that voice of encouragement and wisdom for my adult children as they continue their health journeys, I’m grateful that I can pass down a legacy of health to my loved ones. What inspired you to turn this passion into a business? Was there an “Aha!” moment?

NW: About ten years ago, I was introduced to a U.S.-based billion dollar health and wellness company that specializes in cellular nutritional cleansing and replenishing. Despite living the healthiest lifestyle that I knew, I was experiencing brain fog, decreased energy, poor sleep, and weight gain. My dynamic transformation using these products resulted in all of those symptoms disappearing–along with 6 pants sizes! The combination of cellular cleansing with nutritional replenishing was exactly what my body needed. This inspired me to combine my 30 years of personal research into preventative and natural health with this scientific based nutritional company to affect the health of my community.

Charlotte entrepreneur, Nancy White Helps Charlotte Locals Rejuvenate Their Lives What is Rejvn8u? Tell us more about the story behind the name, the services you offer, and who benefits most from these services.

NW: The name Rejvn8u came to me after my own experience of rejuvenated health and after helping others to discover their rejuvenated health. I guide and coach people to become the best version of themselves and then educate and empower them in how to maintain their best self. Anyone at any stage of their life and health can benefit from the services I offer! Whether you are starting your healthy lifestyle transformation, incorporating healthy choices in your children and family, or trying to start a family, I can help! I have a special passion to help cancer thrivers during and after their health challenge. They feel more peaceful knowing that they can affect their body and health by keeping their ph levels between 6 and 7.5 and by knowing that we all get new bodies every 6-8 years.

I guide and coach people to become the best version of themselves and then educate and empower them in how to maintain their best self. How have you linked healthy living with business advising at Rejvn8u?

NW: Just like Steve Jobs said, “The most expensive bed is a hospital bed.”

It does not matter how successful we are in business if we do not have good health. Any person, whether an employee or an entrepreneur, does not want to burnout or get sick while creating their financial wealth. Learning how to manage stress, combat effects of toxicity, learning benefits of healthy nutrition, exercising, and peaceful sleep–they all play an important role in how a business person conducts their business and puts them above their competitors. As an entrepreneur, how do you think the health industry differs from other industries? Does it present any unique benefits or challenges?

NW: The health and wellness industry is forecasted to be a trillion dollar industry in 2017. In my opinion, the difference is both qualitative and quantitative. We are helping people to be healthy and to live longer in that state of health. Other industries can improve technology, systems, and products, but the health industry impacts you at your core by literally changing your cells!

As far as presenting unique benefits: Yes, peoples’ bodies can change and improve. Their financial health can improve. All businesses face similar challenges no matter what industry they belong to. Business is about building trusting relationships, ethical practices, abiding by business and tax laws, and creating VP’s (value partners). Tell us about one of the greatest professional hurdles you’ve faced, as well as how you’ve overcome it.

NW: One of my greatest professional hurdles has been wanting change for others more than they want change for themselves. I have learned that everyone gets to take responsibility for themselves, and we have a special responsibility for our children.

Another hurdle is overcoming ingrained ideas about women in business and about the structure of business. I am a woman, a business owner, an entrepreneur, and an advocate for women and minority business owners.

One of my greatest professional hurdles has been wanting change for others more than they want change for themselves. Now, share one of your proudest moments as the owner of Rejvn8u.

NW: That is threefold.

First, a lady I was working with conceived after years of failed medical procedures, and she now has a beautiful baby girl.

My second proudest moment was when a business partner reached her business goal in 6 months.

And third. Recently, a lady improved her health enough to have a reversal surgery after living for 3 years with an ileostomy bag. I know the Lord’s favor is always working for all of us along with our choices. Which local business resource has been the most helpful?

NW: The networking opportunities have been the most helpful. Again, it is about creating value partners and helping each other along the journey. Also, being part of networking groups allows you to grow relationships for personal and professional growth. Visit different networking groups and find a good match for you, and show up and use your gifts and talents to enhance the group. What were some of the unexpected steps you had to take when you first entered the healthy living industry/as you first started your business?

NW: Some unexpected steps I had to take, and still do, has been training. From personal development to business coaching to training with the health and wellness company I partner with, I will never will stop learning! How do you think Charlotte’s business climate differs from that of other cities across the country?

NW: We are more relationship building and oriented in my opinion, and from what I hear from our transplants, it is not just “Yes, I want to do business with you” or “No, I don’t want to do business with you.” Do you have a professional mantra? What is it?

NW: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I write down gratitudes at the beginning and end of each day. What fuels your passion for your business on a daily basis?

NW: My passion is fueled everyday that I get to help others take care of themselves and their families. My tagline is “the healthy cells chick”. I really do care more about their happy, healthy cells. Where do you see your business in 5 years? 10 years?

NW: I see my business being international and continuing to thrive and grow over the next 5-10 years, rejoicing that thousands of people will be living their healthiest lifestyles, both physically and financially, because of my efforts to help one person at a time. Is there anything we didn’t ask that you’d like to add?

NW: Good health includes mind, body and spirit. I have 1 Cor. 3:16 on my business card – Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? I get to help others take care of their temporary temples until they get their permanent maintenance free ones- but it is more important that it is fireproof! To your best health and prosperity!

Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your story. Want to learn more about Nancy White and Rejvn8u? Visit her online, Facebook, Twitter and connect on LinkedIn

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