Charlotte workforce development board for Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.


Charlotte Works is a nonprofit organization that serves as the workforce development board for Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Through collaborations with business, government, education and other nonprofits, they’ve developed nationally recognized workforce programs and connected workforce resources to the K-12 system. They’ve also provided local talent with the tools and resources needed to successfully gain employment, while working with businesses to help create local jobs. More importantly, Charlotte Works addresses policies and procedures that make our workforce system more inclusive for you to work and do business.

In short, Charlotte Works is an organization that gets you, the entrepreneur. They get your business. They get your industry. They even get your talent needs. By engaging with you to understand those needs, they’ll tailor resources and training dollars to meet them and create a steady supply of local, skilled, ready-to-work candidates who will meet your demand.


Charlotte Works can help you get started with labor market information, assessment of hiring needs, recruitment assistance, on-the-job training grants and more. These services are provided at no cost to you!

Market Research

For information on what’s happening in Charlotte’s workforce, look no farther than Charlotte Works. They’re your single source for any industry, occupational, demographic or economic data you might need. Instead of handing you a spreadsheet, they’ll provide the perspective and forecasts you need to help you make the most informed decisions about starting a business in Charlotte. Access your in-depth analysis here!

Charlotte Works offers training grants for skilled, new and incumbent workers, as well as soft-skills training for candidates and current employees, employer-focused workshops, and many more training opportunities for entrepreneurs like you. Learn more about the training opportunities Charlotte Works offers to help Charlotte businesses thrive.

Local Resources

Nonprofits need love, and Charlotte Works has plenty to give. Their programs and services are available to eligible nonprofit organizations. Take a look at a few of the services Charlotte Works can provide to your nonprofit.


When it’s time to expand or relocate your business, Charlotte Works will be there to provide real-time, sector-focused labor market information; grants to train or retrain your workforce; and collaboration with local, state and federal partners.

Human Resources

Charlotte Works oversees local NCWorks Career Centers that can assist with all of your hiring needs, including assessment, customized recruiting and pre-screening tools; technical assistance with the NCWorks Online statewide candidate database and job-posting site; veteran recruiting and more! Find the perfect hire with a tailored solution from Charlotte Works.

Training Programs

Did you know that Charlotte Works can help with training grants for workers of all stages and skillsets? Well, it’s true! Learn more about the training and recruiting programs offered by Charlotte Works.


Charlotte Works can provide the tools and hard data you need to help you make a better, more informed decision on the location of your business.

Market and Demographic Data

When it comes to selecting a site for your business, understanding the labor market is a crucial piece to the puzzle. With tools and data provided by Charlotte Works, you can make informed decisions when it comes to finding the perfect spot to set up shop.


Economic Development

With Charlotte Works, workforce development is economic development. Through partnerships with education, trade association, community and economic development leaders, this organization focuses on market-responsive resources to help guide entrepreneurs through the decision-making process. Learn more about how Charlotte Works helps to develop Charlotte’s economy one small business at a time by visiting them online at



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