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The purpose of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte (LACCC) is to offer a sustainable bilingual platform that engages, empowers and supports Latino and non-Latino businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. This platform includes programs, events and services that are focused on networking, mentoring, retooling, training, leadership development, supplier diversity and acculturation opportunities. By joining the LACCC, entrepreneurs have access to networking events and programs in English and Spanish, mentoring and supplier-diversity programs, and more. Access new markets and new opportunities with the LACCC!


By becoming a member of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte (LACCC), entrepreneurs have access to the contacts, opportunities and tools they need to get started. Learn more about your membership options.

Create Your Business Plan

In addition to access to mentors, successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, LACCC members are also invited to attend classes offered in Spanish and/or English on “How to Start a Business” and “How to Design or Revise a Business Plan.” View upcoming events, and reserve your seat.

Business Builder Program: This Business Builder program was created to help 20 LACCC small business members succeed by providing them with the skills, tools and resources they need to grow their business. In addition to mentorships and access to contracts, this program enables members to more quickly achieve the goals within their business plan. Learn more about Business Builder and other LACCC programs!

Leadership Development Institute: The Leadership Development Institute facilitates and accelerates vertical mobility for Latino professionals in the U.S. by developing leadership, teambuilding, communication, decision making, problem solving and other necessary skills to help these entrepreneurs engage and integrate successfully into the workplace and the community.

Classes & Seminars: The LACCC hosts a variety of seminars, covering all aspects of owning, starting and growing a business in Charlotte. In these seminars, trainers feature member and guest speakers who cover a broad range of topics, such as how to start a business, certifications, marketing strategy, profitability, cash management, time management, community engagement and more. Register to attend the next LACCC seminar!


The LACCC is committed to giving growing businesses the support they need! Through guided programs, networking events, and mentoring opportunities, the LACCC might just be the resource your business needs to take it to the next step!

One-On-One Business Advising

LACCC members have access to a variety of opportunities to connect with mentors and large corporations; this includes meetings for supplier diversity opportunities, mentor-mentee mixers, expos and job fairs. Additionally, small or startup businesses can be matched with larger businesses for a more personalized mentoring experience. Join the LACCC for the chance to network, share ideas and learn from fellow entrepreneurs!

Chamber of Commerce

One of the many ways the LACCC supports new and existing Latin American businesses is by providing networking opportunities for Latin and non-Latin American businesses and organizations. Join the LACCC at their next networking event:

LACCC TAPAS: TAPAS in an LACCC evening networking event in which attendees have the opportunity to network and make connections with other small business owners, job seekers and representatives from large corporations. RSVP for the next TAPAS event!

LACCC Lunch Meetings: Join the LACCC for their monthly lunch meetings, where you’ll hear from local leaders in various industries, discuss economic impact, and meet and connect with other business professionals. Join the LACCC for lunch!

LACCC Seminars: At LACCC seminars, attendees enjoy learning new things and networking with other attendees. They’ll also gain key insights from field experts who can be a source of support in the future. Register to attend the next seminar!



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