The Employer’s Association has been providing human resources and training services to organizations in the greater Charlotte area since 1958. They serve business organizations of all sizes and industries–both public and private–and offer a multitude of advice, tools and training to help businesses learn everything they need to know about HR, its challenges and being compliant. No question is too big or too small with The Employer’s Association; find out how they can connect you to the solutions and resources you need!


Hiring is a major part of starting a business, and The Employers Association provides a wide range of human resources services. From compliance advice to sample policies, The Employers Association serves as a resource and sounding board for entrepreneurs seeking HR support.

Employer Responsibilities

HR rules and regulations are ever changing and can be complicated, and at The Employers Association, they stay on top of all things HR. They provide answers, connecting entrepreneurs to the resources they need to handle employees and create a great place to work. Learn more aboutthe HR services provided by The Employers Association. Members also have access to the HR Advice Line, an unlimited telephone consulting service to help members solve human resource problems.

Interested in HR training courses that are useful in today’s working environment? The Employers Association provides a full range of human resources training and more than 130 different classes covering everything you need to know about human resources. Learn more about the benefits of membership by visiting their website!


Your business is growing, which means your team is growing with it. The Employers Association is available to answer your human resources questions and connect you to resources that will help your business grow.

Human Resources

Whether you’re growing or downsizing, understanding HR compliance is crucial. With The Employers Association, members can access resources and information to ensure that their business is compliant with HR regulations. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of The Employers Association!

One-On-One Business Advising

Have a specific question about HR challenges or compliance? Members of The Employers Association have unlimited access to the HR Advice Line, a consulting service that provides advice, answers questions and helps members solve HR problems. And for members who would prefer to get answers online, The Employers Association also offers HRAnswersNow, a free online research tool. Join today for trusted HR advice, tools and training!



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