City Startup Labs

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City Startup Labs

About our Partner

City Startup Labs (CSL) has a mission of reimaging African American millennials (Black Adults 18-34 yrs.) as a new class of entrepreneurs and innovators. They have recently assumed an expanded mission to address returning citizens (formerly incarcerated) as well.

CSL runs the Center of Excellence for Entrepreneurial Competency, Innovation and Leadership (CoE) as an accelerator/incubator hybrid model. The model uses a blended approach, which includes classroom instruction, digital materials, peer-to-peer assignments, and topic-specific guest speakers.


Getting Started

Counseling and Training

City Startup Labs teaches, coaches and advises individuals and teams on how bring an idea to market. Get the ball rolling by scheduling a meeting!

Training and Development

Is your business growing? City Startup Labs will run a workshop for your team, class or organization around growth-hacking your business. Schedule your workshop!


Overcoming Obstacles

One-On-One Business Advising

Perhaps the most critical piece to starting and running a successful enterprise is MINDSET. Contact City Startup Labs for coaching!

High Growth Entrepreneurship

Counseling and Training

A great technology will go only so far without proper customer discovery. Get coaching on the process with City Startup Labs!

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City Startup Labs

PORTAL Building
9319 Robert D. Snyder Rd. – Suite 252
Charlotte, NC 28223

(704) 807-3000
Fax: (704) 687-8056


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