Q&A: Sanctuary Security Designs

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Sanctuary Security Designs has been making a difference in Charlotte schools since September 2013, and we were able to get the inside scoop from CEO, Daniel Campagna, Ph.D directly.


Charlotte Business Resources (CBR): First, let’s talk a little bit about the basics of the company.

CEO, Daniel Campagna, Ph.D (DC): Sanctuary Security Designs, LLC (SSD) is a breakthrough company dedicated to crafting original, holistic approaches to the safety of children and staff from daycares through 12th grade. We use a holistic, non-lethal approach that blends the best ideas of SSD and stakeholders into a very affordable, imaginative menu of options for safeguarding our children. Each design is a three-dimensional approach tailor-made to the unique conditions and circumstances of the school. A daycare, for instance, has different safety needs than a large high school. We challenge conventional thought on security with genuine innovation. School security is much, much more than simply installing CCTV and swipe card system.


CBR: Tell us about the early days of SSD. How was the idea first conceived?

DC: I have been involved in education, as a campus executive and teacher, and Criminal Justice for 25 + years. I studied, critiqued, and participated in numerous safety plans for schools over the years. I listened and learned that almost all school safety planning is based on a quasi-military approach stemming from 9/11. Schools are slowly turning into mini-compounds with armed guards, concertina wire, video cameras, spiked fences, and so forth. This is odd since the vast majority of school violence within schools is done by students, not intruders. There is not much learning going on in a state of fear.

I wanted to step up to the plate and do my part. Something life sustaining and long term was in the cards for me. My expertise in juvenile justice helped fuel the passion for this company. Having my son Scott Campagna, an accomplished engineer, company executive, and business leader in Charlotte, was a tremendous bonus in sorting out an aggressive business plan.


CBR: What were the initial goals of SSD?

DC: Phase 1 was to reach out to the educational network of people and agencies to inform them of SSD.
Phase 2, now underway, is speaking directly to parents and relevant stakeholders about the value of SSD to their children and facilities.

CBR: As an entrepreneur, what do you think are the secrets to success? Are there any?

DC: My operating motto is – “The shy go hungry, and the meek go unnoticed.” Expect success from unexpected directions and by opening lots of closed doors.

CBR: What do you like about working in Charlotte?

DC: Charlotte is one of those rare cities that sit at a nexus of resources. The architects of business success in this metropolitan region are diverse, unconventional, risk takers, and able to see the value of joint ventures in such areas as urban growth, transportation webs, and over the horizon enterprises. Sanctuary Security Designs, LLC fits in perfectly with that mindset.


CBR: In what ways do you hope SSD affects the Charlotte community?

DC: It is my most devout expectation that SSD will transform daycares and schools throughout the region into safer, healthier places of learning and growth for children.

The highest compliment that I could imagine is a comment from a parent – “I want Sanctuary Security Designs to come to my daycare / school and work its magic!”

CBR: What are your goals for the future of SSD?

DC: 1. Here and Now; We want to conduct an onsite security evaluation for EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL (daycare – 12th grade) in the Mecklenburg region.

2. Expansion; Part of our business plan is to stretch our resources throughout North and South Carolina.

3. Evolution; A company like SSD thrives by challenging itself, by testing and discarding ideas, and staying long strides ahead of conventional thought. We will continue to seek out more safety remedies. For instance, we are currently designing a range of security options for school modules (trailers).

CBR: What is one thing that Charlotte should know about your company that they might not already know?

DC: We are unlike anything you may have seen or expect about school safety and security. We are in it for your trust and the welfare of your children.

Take a look at SSD and let us know your thoughts.



Thank you for you time, Daniel, and for sharing more about SSD with the Charlotte community.

To learn more about Sanctuary Security Designs, visit their website at http://www.sanctuarysecuritydesigns.com, email them at sanctuarydesignsllc@gmail.com, or call them at 704-561-1802. For more valuable resources for Charlotte small business, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.