Queen City Court Reporting: Diverse Experiences & Custom Solutions for Every Client

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When four court reporters found out the agency they were working for was closing up shop in one month, they had only a few options: go off on their own and get new jobs with other agencies, switch careers, or take the leap, and start their own business.

We now introduce Queen City Court Reporting, founded by Renee Habrack, Shannon Colangelo, Liz Sirois and Emily Hulley-Roach. All of these women have diverse backgrounds and experiences: Shannon served in the military; Emily has a horse and covers work in both of the Carolinas; Renee is a wine consultant for Wines for Humanity; and Liz used to own her own children’s clothing store. And when these entrepreneurs/court reporters found out they had one month to find a new job, instead of changing careers or finding a new agency, they took the leap!

Bringing unique qualities and ideas to their business, Queen City Court Reporting has what it takes to offer customized solutions for every single client. Keep reading to learn more!


Queen City Court Reporting

CBRBiz.com: Tell us a little bit about Queen City Court Reporting. 

Queen City Court Reporting (QCCR): We provide court reporting services for depositions, arbitrations, hearings, along with transcription services of CDs.

CBRBiz.com: Describe your background in court reporting.

QCCR: The four partners of QCCR have over 50 years of combined experience: Renee Habrack, 27 years; Elzbieta Sirois, 22 years; Emily Hulley-Roach, 14 years; Shannon Colangelo, 10 years. All have worked in the metro Charlotte area for over a decade.

CBRBiz.com: What have been a few of the unique challenges of starting a business in court reporting, and how have you overcome them?

QCCR: Not having known each other before starting the business has been a challenge and a blessing. We all have different backgrounds, but somehow our different experiences and personalities have really been able to come together to make the business successful because we all brought our own special talent.

Queen City Court Reporting

CBRBiz.com: What are a few of the unique challenges of running a business with four partners? How do you work to support and complement one another? What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs going into business with multiple partners?

QCCR: Advice: Patience! Hindsight is always 20/20. We really wanted to grow exponentially in the beginning, but had we done that, we probably wouldn’t have been in business today. We had lots of hurdles we didn’t expect, and due to slow but steady growth, we were able to work through those hurdles and grow from them rather than have them be the death of us. As referenced above, we complement each other’s abilities/attributes because we are a diverse group of women, but again, PATIENCE is key because we are all dealing with different things in our lives at different times.

We really wanted to grow exponentially in the beginning, but had we done that, we probably wouldn’t have been in business today.

CBRBiz.com: Do you frequently assist businesses?

QCCR: Yes. We help other court reporting agencies, in and out of state, get coverage for their jobs by networking.

Queen City Court Reporting

CBRBiz.com: How do you think local businesses might benefit from your services?

QCCR: We are close by and have skin in the game. We’re not a national firm that calls upon 100 different reporters every day to get the job covered. We believe in building relationships with our clients so when there is an emergency and someone forgets to schedule a reporter, they know they can call us on our cellphone, and we’ll get there to cover the job for them.

CBRBiz.com: As you’ve started your own business, have you used any local resources for help along the way? Which ones?

QCCR: Yes, the Chamber of Commerce, SCORE and other local networking groups throughout the state.

Queen City Court Reporting

CBRBiz.com: What’s one thing you want people to know about Queen City Court Reporting?

QCCR: We are here for you and ready to help you in any way we can.

CBRBiz.com: What else would you like to add?

QCCR: We produce an excellent product, provide great customer service and go the extra mile.

To learn more about Queen City Court Reporting, be sure to visit them online! Have a question or comment for us? Tweet it to @CBRBiz