Queens University Students Offering Free Consulting to Local Businesses

Could your local business benefit from free consulting, right here in Charlotte? Students of Queen’s University McColl School of Business will offer free consulting for tackling challenges to local Charlotte businesses throughout the course of the two upcoming semesters! Utilizing their knowledge of management, marketing, finance and technology, senior undergraduate students and graduate students will work with local organizations to provide creative solutions to assist with strategic decisions. To apply, clients must submit a project proposal sheet including the following by August 25 or January 1st:

● A clear problem statement of the challenge(s) faced by the organization.
● A clear statement on scope and purpose for the proposed project.
● A willingness to share crucial information to aid students in research and decision making.
● Willingness to meet with student(s) multiple times during the semester (this will include evenings and potentially some weekends as these are full-time working adults).
● Feedback and assessment on team’s performance in a timely manner (evaluation material will be provided by the course instructor which will impact student’s course grade).

Clients will be chosen based on feasibility and will be completely free of cost to the business, although the partnership is a time commitment. The projects will be applied strategy projects or field study projects based on the organization’s needs. Field study projects can consist of research and plan development for challenges or areas of general importance for the organization while applied strategy projects will be focused on a more tactical level at the business level.

Most projects result in a summary report and final presentation. Periodic reports and analysis, as well as focus groups and meetings, may take place during the project timeline. Communication between the organization and students is required and vital to the project’s success.

Submit your organization’s project proposal today!

For more information, read the full outline here. To submit your project proposal sheet, contact Dr. Beth Schneider, Assistant Professor of Strategy at schneiderb@queens.edu.

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