Sell Like An Interrogator – The Disciplined Listening Sales Method Webinar Series

Michael Reddington of Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates provided the article below for us to share with our readers. He is working with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce (one of our partners!) to present a webinar series called “Sell Like an Interrogator – The Disciplined Listening Method”.

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Sell Like An Interrogator – The Disciplined Listening Sales Method Webinar Series

Author: Michael Reddington, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates

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Everyone sells – Certified Forensic Interviewers (CFI’s) sell the truth.

Success in sales is often a direct result of our ability to connect with prospective clients, create opportunities to demonstrate value and establish relationships. This process has become increasingly difficult as many prospective clients have become weary of the purchasing process, have access to more information, have become more self-sufficient and have a never-ending line of businesses looking for a share of their wallets.

Success in interviews and interrogations is often the result of the same skill set. Certified Forensic Interviewers (CFI’s) typically have about 60 minutes to create a connection with and influence subjects–who have no reason to trust them–to tell the truth, often without any evidence. The non-confrontational techniques CFI’s use in the interview room can add significant value to the conversations held in the conference room.

The Disciplined Listening Sales Method provides executives and sales professionals with the advantages they need to connect with their clients, uncover new alternatives and influence agreements by integrating the key components of four non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques with current, business-focused research and best practices.

Learn to activate the truth.

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the “Sell Like an Interrogator – The Disciplined Listening Method” webinar series presented by Michael Reddington, CFI and Vice President of Executive Education for Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates. Michael has conducted hundreds of training programs and educated thousands or participants from over 50 countries. He combines his experience as a schoolteacher, interrogator and executive to provide attendees with the tools they need to use the truth to their advantage.

Each session of this exciting four part webinar series will directly apply communication techniques CFI’s use in the interview room to the challenges and opportunities executives and sales professionals face every day.

These sessions include:

6/7 Forging Strength From Perceived Weaknesses: Believe it or not, the best way to create any strategy is to start with why it shouldn’t work. Learn how to create strategic advantages prior to any sales meeting or negotiation with a preparation structure developed from investigations and designed for business. Click here to register.

7/7 Recognizing Acceptance and Resistance: What people say isn’t nearly as important as how they say it and how they react to what you say. Learn to evaluate the nuances of verbal and non-verbal communication to connect with people, diffuse resistance, and identify hidden sales opportunities. Click here to register.

8/3 Saving Face to Save the Deal: The most important thing we can do is help our counterparts align their decision to purchase with their self-image. Learn how to help your counterpart protect their self-image, create a sense of idea ownership and optimize objections to create stronger agreements. Click here to register.

9/26 Getting What You Ask For: Our questions can either unlock the door we’ve been knocking on for years or slam that same door shut forever. Learn how to apply the six purposes of asking questions with five types of questions to increase the information you obtain and the quality of your resulting agreements. Click here to register.

To learn more about Michael Reddington, CFI, Wicklander-Zulawski and The Disciplined Listening Method visit

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Thank you, Michael, for contributing your time and knowledge with this informative article. Readers, follow the links to learn more about each event, and if you have any further questions, tweet them to us @CBRbiz.

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