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Where to Start for Business Insurance

Scott Burns and Ben Moore, business insurance agents at BB&T in Charlotte, join us for this episode of the B2U Podcast. Listen as we talk about where entrepreneurs should start when
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How to Take Over the World, for Entrepreneurs

How can the Office of International Relations help small businesses take over the world? Alexis Gordon, the International Relations Manager at the City of Charlotte has the answer!
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How to Think Outside the Bank

What are the financing options outside the bank? Elaine Fairman from BEFCOR has the answer!
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The Downside to Borrowing Money

Anytime a business is taking on debt, it's a scary proposition. Elaine Fairman from BEFCOR tells us about the pitfalls of borrowing money and how business owners can avoid the pitfalls, or at least manage them if something were to come up.
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