UpSkill Charlotte Training Grant Program Supports Incumbent Worker Training & Development


Employee cross-training and upskilling have never been more important. That said, for Charlotte businesses that managed to survive a full year of COVID-19 impacts, day-to-day operations may still be stabilizing and staff training and/or professional development dollars are simply out of reach. That’s where CharlotteWorks’ UpSkill Charlotte Training Grant Program comes in. 

What is UpSkill Charlotte?

UpSkill Charlotte is an employee training grant which qualifying businesses can use to address employees’ skills gaps. Funded through NCWorks, UpSkill Charlotte helps businesses provide training for existing workers to improve their skills and move into better career opportunities. It allows employers to maximize the potential of their existing employees who have already demonstrated solid soft skills and a fit with the company culture. 

Upskill Charlotte grants are a win-win for both employees and employers. This grant promotes upward career and economic mobility for employees by increasing workers’ skills, knowledge, and certifications, resulting in increased wages and advancement opportunities. This will, in turn, strengthen the employer’s place in the marketplace as those retained employees put their new skills to use.

CharlotteWorks is accepting UpSkill Charlotte grant applications on a rolling basis now until May 15, 2021, based on the availability of funds.

CBR connected with CharlotteWorks Program Manager Jean-Chris Miller to share some FAQs about the program. Additional eligibility requirements may apply; interested employers should contact Miller for further information at

 Is my business eligible for an UpSkill Charlotte grant?

Eligible businesses must be:

  • a for-profit or not-for-profit business operating in Mecklenburg County; 
  • that has at least 3 or more employees;
  • that has been in operation for a minimum of one year;
  • is current on all federal and state obligations; and is financially viable.

Are my employees eligible for UpSkill Charlotte?

An incumbent worker must be:

  • at least 18 years of age and a paid employee of the applicant business or businesses;
  • an employee with an employment history with the employer for 6 months or more;
  • a citizen of the United States or a non-citizen whose status permits employment in the United States;
  • an employee to be trained that works at a facility located in Mecklenburg County.

What types of training may be funded?

The following types of training can be funded:

  • occupational skills training designed to meet the special requirements of a business or a group of businesses;
  • educational training defined as short courses that address the identified skills gaps and could lead to a credential or industry-recognized certification.

How does the employer receive the grant funds?

UpSkill Charlotte is a reimbursement program wherein the employer is reimbursed for training costs following the completion of each training component. The employer shall submit an invoice and receipt for the training cost to Charlotte Works who will process the reimbursement.

For more information about CharlotteWorks and UpSkill Charlotte, contact is your one-stop destination for all things entrepreneurship and business. Check out our partners to see all the incredible resources available to small business owners in the Charlotte region.

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