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CBRBiz: Connecting Business Owners with Success

Charlotte Business Resources, or as we call ourselves, CBRBiz represents a network of organizations that provide resources to the small business community. Our resources partners include local government, educational institutions, mentors and incubators that offer free services to Charlotte entrepreneurs. Funded

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Charlotte Student Entrepreneurs Summit

This year, CBRbiz teamed up with some of our partners and community leaders to host the first-ever Charlotte Student Entrepreneur Summit! The Summit aimed to connect high school students with the people – and inspiration – they need to start

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Paying It Forward with NJR Construction

Ed Roper, President of NJR Construction, is a firm believer that one of the greatest fulfillments a person can have in life, is to help someone else achieve something in theirs. Ed knows the hurdles everyone must jump when starting

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Buckskin and Mane

In May of 2016, during Small Business Month, we hosted a Social Media Takeover Contest, and Buckskin & Mane was our winner. We featured their story in a blog postand let them take over our Instagram account for the day! Buckskin

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Aerial CLT

AerialCLT began with a leap of faith. When an aerial silks class she was taking needed a last minute substitute, Amy Tynan stepped in. Soon, Amy was teaching one class a week, using her background in music education and yoga to

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Honey Butter Bakery

Brandi Jones always wanted to own her own business. Inspired by her mother’s cooking, Brandi baked for fun, but never considered it a possible career until she volunteered to make pound cakes for her daughter’s fundraiser. Seeing the potential to share

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City Prints

Tony Rodono’s business started with a gift — the personalized maps Tony created as Christmas gifts for his family three years ago. Everyone loved these brightly colored works of art, which captured his family’s favorite places around the world. They told

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Neighboring Concepts

Darrel Williams is transforming Charlotte communities through architecture, planning, and urban design. Before starting his own business, Darrel worked for 17 years in traditional architecture firms. Then, in 1996, he formed Neighboring Concepts, a multidisciplinary firm that serves the city’s most

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