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Zamariya #31DaysofBiz

THE HEALER In times like these, stress levels run high. While there are plenty of things we all do to try and reduce this stress, nothing beats a natural solution—especially the expert touch of a licensed masseuse. For Anita Scott,

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Loyd Visuals #31DaysofBiz

THE TRIFECTA Trust, transparency, and teamwork—these are the core tenets of Loyd Visuals, a Charlotte-based video production firm run by three brothers. Storytellers at heart, the brothers each bring a specific talent to their business and pride themselves on telling

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Omni Channel Productions #31DaysofBiz

THE DOT CONNECTOR Every business knows that recognition is key to growth. When your customers know you’re out there, you stand to gain traction. But how do you do that? “Process,” says Ralph Henderson, President of OmniChannel Productions—a Charlotte business

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7th Street Public Market #31DaysofBiz

THE DIRECTOR When you run a space designed to showcase small businesses in an energetic urban center, and then the world locks down during a pandemic, it hits hard. Chris Clouden, executive director for Uptown Charlotte’s iconic Seventh Street Public

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All the Right Grooves #31DaysofBiz

THE GUARDIAN ANGELS Jill Phillips and Bethany McDonald love making people happy. In fact, as a DJ company that serves large groups of people celebrating special events, you could say that making people happy is literally their job. So, what

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The Yard Doctor #31DaysofBiz

THE NURTURER Every business starts as a seed. With proper care and nurturing, the business grows strong. It’s this sense of nurturing that’s at the heart of how Lem and Bailey Turner have grown The Yard Doctor in the Charlotte

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Ninety’s Custom Sweets and Savories #31DaysofBiz

THE INNER CHILD For most of us, growing up means leaving childhood behind. But what if we could take the best parts of our childhood and make a career out of it? That’s the story of Darith Ngear, owner of

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One Lucky Pup #31DaysofBiz

THE DEN MOTHER The pet sector is a 70 billion dollar industry in America. So, when a pet resort and spa business opens up, there’s a good chance that demand will be high. When the events of 2020 took hold,

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StoryNow #31DaysofBiz

THE STORYTELLER Everyone has a smartphone. But most of us don’t take full advantage of this amazing technology. Tamara Park, co-founder and CEO of StoryNow, is out to change that for businesses and non-profit organizations. StoryNow democratizes storytelling by enabling

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Leslie’s Laundry Care #31DaysofBiz

THE ROLE MODEL Who loves doing laundry? Who loves driving around town picking up and dropping off dry-cleaning? The answer to both these questions is probably - no one. When Domonique Boone considered these questions, she saw a niche and

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