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Soaring to new heights at Aerial CLT

AerialCLT began with a leap of faith. When an aerial silks class she was taking needed a last minute substitute, Amy Tynan stepped in. Soon, Amy was teaching one class a week, using her background in music education and yoga to adapt to the new challenge. Amy’s hobby quickly became her passion, and something in her said: “let’s do this!”

After two years of teaching, Amy started AerialCLT, a fitness studio that combines dance techniques and circus tricks to create a demanding and exciting workout. She held a teacher training event to form a diverse team of instructors, and moved her business to a new space in NoDa. This new studio allowed Amy to expand her schedule and a Living Social deal helped her add a thousand new students to her database. After that, things really got moving.

Charlotte Business Resources  helps Amy Tynan, founder of AerialCLT to keep her business in shape
Charlotte helps AerialCLT to meet challenges and get into the business off the ground
Charlotte Business Resources  motivates Amy to make AerialCLT into a great success

While Amy had no problems helping her students reach their goals, it wasn’t always easy to reach hers. Locating a rental space to accommodate her unique needs proved difficult, and when she was just starting out in 2012, acquiring permits to make AerialCLT official resulted in a steep learning curve. Amy could have used a website like Charlotte Business Resources, which offers easy to navigate information and a small business checklist, to help keep her business in shape.

“It would be great if more things were in an online format and simple.”

Amy loves teaching people what’s possible in their own bodies, and now she’s exploring what’s possible for her business. She opened a satellite location in South Charlotte and today AerialCLT offers over 40 classes a week and several performances a year, with another teacher training course and satellite studio in the works.

By building on her strengths and flexibility, Amy made AerialCLT into a success, and focusing on her passion made the challenges of running a business worthwhile. If you’re ready to do what motivates you, Charlotte can help get your business off the ground.

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