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Food. It’s something that every human being on the planet needs. Which is why restaurants have always been a solid new business direction. If you make food that people enjoy, people will come. If they love it, they’ll return often. What happens when a global pandemic also affects every human being on the planet? Well, even well-established restaurants are hit hard. For Cesar Flores, of Tacos El Potosino at 7146 E. Independence Blvd. in Charlotte, the COVID-19 pandemic hit him harder than most. He’d only had his dream restaurant open for three weeks in 2020 when the shelter in place order was enacted. Luckily, he was able to make it through the year and is ready to serve the people of Charlotte his authentic cuisine from the heart of Mexico. Warning: don’t watch this video on an empty stomach.

Tacos El Potosino received an Access to Capital Grant which was used to help pay rent so that Cesar could keep his dream alive.

Name, Company: Cesar Flores, Tacos El Potosino

Type of Business: Restaurant

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TACOS-EL-PotosinO-LLC-771776016238978 

Funding Program: Access to Capital

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