Week 4 Winner: Ashley Goldberg of Search Solution Group

Last month, we hosted weekly giveaways for Charlotte Small Business Month. This blog post features our Week 4 winner, Ashley Goldberg of Search Solution Group. Search Solution Group, a National Premier Recruiting Firm, was founded in Buffalo, New York in 2002 by its current Managing Partner, Jeremy Gnozzo. In 2008, Search Solution Group moved its Corporate Headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina, where it is still based today.

For almost two years, Ashley has been working with clients directly, assisting them with their most challenging and crucial hiring needs. She is the firm’s National Sales Manager, and has recently been awarded and named Search Solution Group’s first Junior Partner at the firm. Read her bio in full to learn more.

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CharlotteBusinessResources.com (CBR): Tell us a bit more about Search Solution Group.

Ashley Goldberg (AG): Search Solution Group is a National Recruiting Firm, founded in 2002 in Buffalo, NY by the company’s current Managing Partner, Jeremy Gnozzo. He started the firm at his parent’s kitchen table with a rotary telephone and the yellow pages. Focusing mainly on the Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse areas, Jeremy quickly grew Search Solution Group’s reputation. By 2008, Jeremy decided to move the company headquarters to the booming city of the South – Charlotte, North Carolina. Search Solution Group is now a premier Recruiting Firm placing candidates and working with clients nationwide in the areas of Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Supply Chain and Operations, Manufacturing and Engineering.

CBR meets Search Solution Group, a National Recruiting Firm
Pictured: Ashley Goldberg

We have a laid back atmosphere, but a motivated, collaborative culture. Everyone knows their part and has fun, but everyone is also held accountable for the jobs they are responsible for. And yes, we are a dog-friendly office and I bring my dog, Lacie, to work every day. ☺

Find dog-friendly office in Search Solution Group at Charlotte
Pictured: Lacie

CBR: We understand you graduated from the University of Miami. How would you say Charlotte differs? What’s your favorite thing about working here?

AG: Charlotte and Miami are completely different in terms of everything from the people and atmosphere, to the types of businesses that thrive in each city. My favorite thing about working in Charlotte is the people. They have that “Southern niceness,” but also have that mix of “Northern sense of urgency” to get what they need as quickly and effectively as possible.

CBR's Interview with Search Solution Group, a National Recruiting Firm
CBR: What do you think is the most important aspect when it comes to recruiting?

AG: Being strategic and being committed. I can’t say much more, or else I will give all our secrets away. =)
CBR: Tell us more about how Search Solution Group is a pet friendly office.

AG: Tanner, our Motivational Guru, and Lacie May, our Associate Relations Specialist, both come to the office every day. It is nice to have dogs in the office when you need a break from the computer for 5 minutes, or to ease some stress. Some days we have up to five dogs in here which gives off lots of energy and a good vibe! We always make it a point in the afternoon to take the dogs for a walk and get everyone up and outside for at least a few minutes.

Tanner, our Motivational Guru, and Lacie May, our Associate Relations Specialist
Pictured: Lacie, Henry, Tanner

CBR: What are some things Search Solution Group does in order to keep the staff motivated?

AG: We have quarterly goals and competitions that keep us motivated. Each quarter, we set our own goals (usually three number centric goals) that we aim to achieve. We also have competitions throughout the year based on placements and revenue brought in as well as a monthly MVH (Most Valuable Headhunter). Jeremy, our Managing Partner, understands more than any other boss I have had that appreciating your employees is a must, and you can always catch him around the office doing little things for everyone as a thank you. We all motivate each other and each have a competitive edge which makes the environment here fun.
CBR: What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

AG: You have to work hard to be successful. Don’t be lazy. #hustle is our motto and we live by it.

Meeting with Ashley Goldberg of Search Solution Group
CBR: When it comes to job searching, what are some things people should be prepared for?

AG: Be prepared for your interviews. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a fantastic candidate (on paper) and brought him or her in to meet with me, and they either don’t have an extra copy of their resume, forget what position they are interviewing for, or aren’t dressed appropriately. Do your homework, and be ready to answer any and all questions regarding the company, position, hiring manager, your background, etc.
CBR: You have been with Search Solution Group for almost two years. How would you say you have grown as a professional?

AG: I have grown in many ways over the past two years, but there are a few things that stand out to me the most. I have become truly committed to Search Solution Group and like the responsibility of being part of a team here. From my commitment to the company, I have realized that I have become more strategic, and my work ethic has developed in a way that allows me to work smarter. I have been taught not to be timid, and to go after what I want and to be persistent. Hard work pays off, and I respect my colleagues who work just as hard as I do day in and day out to make Search Solution Group the best we can be. It really comes down to the push I feel from everyone else around me constantly that has allowed me to get to where I am today in my career. As Search Solution Group grows, it makes me even more excited to see how my career will develop along with it!

With the help of CBR, know more about Search Solution Group, Ashley
CBR: How about the company itself? How have you seen the company change and grow?

AG: Search Solution Group has grown immensely! When I started in 2012, there were only three of us on the team. In November 2012, we moved into a larger office space in South End and have continued to grow ever since. We now have 15 full time headhunters. We have a team of dedicated recruiters who specialize in certain areas and a team of sales people who do the same. Two years does not seem like a huge amount of time, but watching our company transition into having such an influential presence in the business community and online, here in Charlotte and nationwide, has been very inspiring.

CBR shares information about Search Solution Group
CBR: What are your future career goals?

AG: I plan to stay and grow with Search Solution Group for a long time. I recently became Junior Partner and plan to live up to that title by partnering with Jeremy and the team here to continue to make Search Solution Group the Nation’s Premier Recruiting Firm. “Commitment is a choice,” and what Search Solution Group has already given back to me in both a personal and professional stand point, I cannot imagine working anywhere else. The level of commitment I see from each person in the office through their actions alone day in and day out is something that is rare to find in this industry.

Lacie and Tanner, official dog at Search Solution Group
Pictured: Tanner and Lacie

To learn more about Search Solution Group, Ashley, and the rest of the time, be sure to visit their website, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, AND read their blog!


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