Where Are They Now? Small Business Partner Support Grant Recipient: Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte

In our “Where Are They Now” series, we highlight five of the City of Charlotte Small Business Partner Support Grant recipients to check in on their new COVID-19 impact relief programs, learn more about the organization and see what they are up to.


Grant Recipient: Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte
Website: lacccharlotte.com
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube

Tell us about your organization – how do you support the Charlotte small business community?

Since 2001, the LACCC has focused on the development and growth of the Latin American Business community by offering connections, access, and business education to strengthen the businesses and workforce in the Charlotte region.

How has funding from the Small Business Partner Support Grant helped your organization?

The Small Business Partner Support Grant has allowed the LACCC to invest in Latino-owned small businesses in the food industry by purchasing their products to help them sustain their businesses and maintain their employees through this time of crisis. The food purchased with this grant is then offered to underserved families in the Latino community that has also been negatively impacted by COVID-19. 

The business owners are proud and excited to participate in helping feed the community in need. Thus the name of the project: “Community Kitchens in Support of Local Needs”. The LACCC started the project logistics in July 2020 and the kick-off on Tuesday, August 25th. At this point, the LACCC has invested $45,155 in 39 small businesses, to feed approximately 1,271 families of 4, and has employed 5 temporary staff to support this project.

Has the Small Business Partner Support Grant allowed your organization to create anything new? 

The “Community Kitchens in Support of Local Needs” is a brand new project created by the LACCC as a response to the current economic crisis that continues to affect small businesses. This project has also connected the LACCC with many other community partners that directly serve the communities in need. 

Through this project, small business owners have received training to adjust to the virtual and digital world. Through this program, the LACCC has also offered Entrepreneurial Leadership Development seminars in Spanish and Zoom tutorials. The LACCC continues to refer Latino-owned businesses to apply to the many loan and grant opportunities available in the region. This information and services can be accessed through our website or by calling the LACCC.

Want to learn more about the City of Charlotte’s initiative to support small business owners through their COVID-19 recovery? Find access to capital and other resources here

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