Where Are They Now? Small Business Partner Support Grant Recipient: Small Business and Technology Development Center

In our “Where Are They Now” series, we highlight five of the City of Charlotte Small Business Partner Support Grant recipients to check in on their new COVID-19 impact relief programs, learn more about the organization and see what they are up to.



Grant Recipient: Small Business & Technology Development Center
Website: sbtdc.org
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Tell us about your organization – how do you support the Charlotte small business community?

The Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) has helped North Carolina businesses grow and create new jobs since 1984. We provide management counseling and educational services to small and mid-sized businesses. Most of our services are free of charge, and all are confidential. By providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build and grow successful businesses, the SBTDC positively impacts NC’s economy.

How has funding from the Small Business Partner Support Grant helped your organization?

The Small Business Partner Support Grant has helped our organization provide a program, using the curriculum, NxLevel™ Guide to Growing Your Business, for up to 25 companies in Charlotte. This 10-session in-depth program will work from stabilization through the creation of a sustainable growth plan, with a post-COVID-19 focus.

Participants will be provided with a program student guide and workbook, a ProfitCents analysis (in-depth financial analysis comparing their results to their industry), and a market research packet with key data for their specific industry. This program will be delivered virtually, will be facilitated by SBTDC staff, and will feature subject matter experts for each topic.

Has the Small Business Partner Support Grant allowed your organization to create anything new? 

Yes, please see the program mentioned in the question above. Registration for this program has closed, as it has already started. Additional services are accessible via sbtdc.org.

Want to learn more about the City of Charlotte’s initiative to support small business owners through their COVID-19 recovery? Find access to capital and other resources here

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