Where Are They Now? Small Business Partner Support Grant Recipient: Women’s Business Center of Charlotte

In our “Where Are They Now” series, we highlight five of the City of Charlotte Small Business Partner Support Grant recipients to check in on their new COVID-19 impact relief programs, learn more about the organization and see what they are up to.



Grant Recipient: Women’s Business Center of Charlotte
Website: theinstitutenc.org/wbcc
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

Tell us about your organization – how do you support the Charlotte small business community?

We empower women/small businesses with tools, resources, and technical assistance through entrepreneurship training on business and professional development, financial management, and organizational and operational excellence. Our goal is to help promote economic self-sufficiency for women who are unclear about the conceptual or development processes of their products and services.

How has funding from the Small Business Partner Support Grant helped your organization?

Tremendously! We are dedicated to empowering our small businesses with the right type of knowledge and skill needed to start, grow, and advance their business. The Small Business Partner Support Grant gave us an opportunity to do this as well as it gave us an opportunity to support our local minority professionals who will take part in facilitating many of our programs. 

This opportunity works in correlation with the City’s objective to provide more contracting opportunities for small businesses. We ensure the businesses we are working with are HUB and MWSBE certified. It is truly a great feeling to be able to employ the small minority businesses within the community – we are committed to giving back and this grant has given us the opportunity to do that – to help keep doors open and to help families sustain.

Has the Small Business Partner Support Grant allowed your organization to create anything new? 

Tremendously! With this grant, we are able to offer several classes to the business community:

1. Leveraging Speaking to Monetize Your Income During COVID-19 – we saw that many of our small businesses that use speaking as a way of life were struggling with understanding the landscape of the virtual environment and how to gain clients as well as how to get paid. Training is critical to understand the tools to adopt and execute these principles. 

2. Master Class: Run Start & Grow 2 Market – Many small/minority businesses consistently struggle to identify key elements of starting a business and turning their idea into a viable business. This 12-week course is designed for new and existing businesses who are interested in turning their product or service into a viable solution that can be deployed with customers and assist existing businesses with scaling strategies the first session started 9/2/2020 – 12/18/2020.

3. Government Contracting Amid COVID-19 – this course is designed to increase small business knowledge, capacity, and capabilities to work with Government/Private Contracting. It is designed to assist small businesses in scaling and growing through contracting opportunities first session started 9/2/2020 – 11/10/2020 – All programs are full and functioning. We will have another program starting in October with more information to come.

Want to learn more about the City of Charlotte’s initiative to support small business owners through their COVID-19 recovery? Find access to capital and other resources here

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